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CRAZECedar River Association of Zymurgy Enthusiasts (Iowa)
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If the law is to be shaped by the prevailing habits of thought and tendencies of a nation, would not that mean that in Spain a direct encouragement would be given to idleness and religious intolerance; in England, to the commercial spirit; in Italy, to the love of the arts that may be the expression of a society, but by which no society can entirely exist; in Germany, feudal class distinctions would be fostered; and here, in France, popular legislation would promote the spirit of frivolity, the sudden craze for an idea, and the readiness to split into factions which has always been our bane.
Nevertheless, that evening, he felt his inner tranquillity disturbed at last by the force and obstinacy of this craze.
This craze for motion has only set in during the last hundred years.
At last, however, and at the height of his craze, Raffles and reason seemed to come together again as suddenly as they had parted company in the Room of Gold.
The craze of an old woman--the fussy officiousness of a blundering elderly Englishman.
The craze for drink had seized him again, and he ordered me to pull up outside a gin palace.
THIS is the picture that shows how a deadly internet craze sweeping the world has reached Birmingham.
The official pointed out that the fray among Kindle, ipad, and other models has fueled an e-reader craze, greatly stimulating the development of the local digital publishing industry, whose output value hit NT$49.
Detectives know that Ms Craze spent Friday evening out on the town and appealed for information.
South Africa's makarapa helmet king has moved from his township workshop to a factory to meet World Cup demand and expects the elaborate headgear to become a global craze after the tournament.
One of Oliver's original Fifteen protegees, 31-year-old Craze is about to become a star in his own right.
The craze expectedly was criticised by certain groups who considered the practice wasteful and stupid.