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CRAZYChristian, Raymond, Antoine, Zachary, Yvan (first names of actors in French Movie 'CRAZY')
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When this interlude was over, Captain Mayhew began a dark story concerning Moby Dick; not, however, without frequent interruptions from Gabriel, whenever his name was mentioned, and the crazy sea that seemed leagued with him.
When they entered his office the lawyer sprang up, for Jurgis looked like a crazy person, with flying hair and bloodshot eyes.
Oh, and we found a little room down there with the door locked; and we are all crazy to get in and see what's inside.
There's no road so smooth but it has some hole or hindrance in it," said Sancho; "in other houses they cook beans, but in mine it's by the potful; madness will have more followers and hangers-on than sound sense; but if there be any truth in the common saying, that to have companions in trouble gives some relief, I may take consolation from you, inasmuch as you serve a master as crazy as my own.
So that the governor got rid of the dangerous and the crazy prisoner at the same time?
Little by little he changed his tone when speaking of his "friend," whom Long Jack had christened "the Crazy Kid," "the Gilt-edged Baby," "the Suckin' Vanderpoop," and other pet names; and with his sea-booted feet cocked up on the table would even invent histories about silk pajamas and specially imported neckwear, to the "friend's" discredit.
Am I as crazy as Therese I asked myself with a passing chill of fear, while occupied in equalizing the ends of my neck-tie.
Krook addresses a crazy little woman who is his female lodger, who appears and vanishes in a breath, who soon returns accompanied by a testy medical man brought from his dinner, with a broad, snuffy upper lip and a broad Scotch tongue.
He may already have found a suitable and wealthy match, and now he's half crazy.
I see," said the woodchopper, nodding; "you're as crazy as the crazy-quilt you're made of.
My darter went to school to her and was nigh crazy about her.
Old Hannibal is going crazy," was the burden of his report.