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CRAZYChristian, Raymond, Antoine, Zachary, Yvan (first names of actors in French Movie 'CRAZY')
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She dropped on the floor beside her crazy son, hid her face on her knees, and sat crying bitterly.
He's crazy too, but on him your sister's fate depends.
When a lion yawns in the thick of a fight, you know he ain't crazy.
Crazy but valiant," replied he of the Grove, "and more roguish than crazy or valiant.
Seein' you love your sister so much better than your wife, wby did you want to marry me, that's borne your children for you, an' slaved for you, an' toiled for you, an' worked her fingernails off for you, with no thanks, an 'insultin' me before the children, an' sayin' I'm crazy to their faces.
She had always had crazy notions of her own about her dignity, and that word "idiot " upset her in a moment.
I hope your Princess Ozma won't invite him to her birthday celebration," remarked the shaggy man; "for the fellow's music would drive her guests all crazy.
Some of these cabins were turreted, some had false windows painted on their rotten walls; one had a mimic clock, upon a crazy tower of four feet high, which screened the chimney; each in its little patch of ground had a rude seat or arbour.
He quickly demonstrated he was not crazy by shaking the fever from him and agreeing not to go to Patagonia.
Sir Jervis looked at me slyly; meaning, perhaps, that he thought his sister crazy too.
The Good Sport said she was crazy about Englishmen.
His story was this: He had been originally nurtured among the crazy society of Neskyeuna Shakers, where he had been a great prophet; in their cracked, secret meetings having several times descended from heaven by the way of a trap-door, announcing the speedy opening of the seventh vial, which he carried in his vest-pocket; but, which, instead of containing gunpowder, was supposed to be charged with laudanum.