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CREDCentre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters
CRedCommunity Carbon Reduction Project (UK)
CREDCentre for Renewable Energy Development
CREDCenter for Research on Economic Development
CREDCenter for Research and Education on Democracy
CREDCollaborative Research for Effective Diagnosis (Sherbrooke University; Canada)
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Lil' Kim is hoping to regain street cred with her new Atlantic Records release, ``La Bella Mafia.
Not only has he adopted various ridiculous monikers over the years - Puffy, Puff Daddy and P-Diddy - to give himself a certain street cred, but it turns out his upbringing is not quite as "gangsta" as he'd have us believe.
The incident seems to have given him a bit of cred.
THE Scouts are to get a new street cred look after members voted to dump their current uniforms.
It's sensitive yet feels a little synthetic, no doubt thanks in part to Bill Kurtis' prim narration: When he utters the phrase, ``the world of juvies,'' he says the last word with the manner of someone who's trying to convince white-bread viewers he has some street cred when it seems apparent he's never left the secure little high-tech studio from which he reports.
native David Crosby repeatedly thanked the crowd for braving the evening traffic to attend, Nash joshed Crosby about his donations to Melissa Etheridge and Julie Cypher's procreation efforts, and, to prove their local cred, Stills praised the extinct Santa Monica cable cars while Young rhapsodized about Union Station as a lead-in to a peppy, syncopated rendition of ``Marrakesh Express.
But they didn't look exactly top-of-the-range, cool or street cred.
Incidentally, it's entirely wrong to assume the group's Lox moniker suggests urban youth is embracing Jewish culture for fun, profit and street cred.
The first communication guide we published in 2009 synthesized research to date on why our minds understand and react to climate change the way that they do," said Elke Weber, co-director of CRED and the Jerome A.
Contract award: school transport, disabled, cred and integrative activities.
It is guaranteed to increase my street cred among the Splott posse.