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CREDALCentre de Recherche et de Documentation sur l'Amérique Latine (French: Center for Research and Documentation on Latin America)
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This objective consists in identifying an original and authentic Islamic method of social research, the principles and perspectives of which should be derived from the Madman model of society and enriched by the credal and cultural, moral and spiritual, historical, intellectual, and traditional academic sources of Islam.
14) Ermengarde also expanded on Aude's account of their conversation, noting that she had reminded Aude that the words of eucharistic consecration were ordained by Christ, and recounting several credal prayers (in a combination of Occitan and Latin), which she herself regularly spoke during the elevation of the Host and upon awakening.
The purpose of bringing this spectrum of characters to life is to answer the epic question "Who owns the land where musket-balls are buried / In blackthorn roots on the eskar, the drained bogs / Where sheep Drowse, and credal war miscarried?
The five official rituals of Islam--the credal formula, prayer, fasting, alms, and pilgrimage--are discussed in 19 articles reproduced from publication in academic journals and anthologies published since 1900.
Those words lie at the bottom of all credal and social difficulties and differences to unite all men together.
Most of the members of Urban Expression represent the evangelical tradition, yet what surprises is the lack of credal formulations, i.
34) See the fragment of AElfric's homily for the first Sunday after Easter (Clemoes 534), which describes the phoenix as a sign of bodily resurrection; see also Gatch 86-88; Cross, "Literate Anglo-Saxon" 92; Hassig 779-83; and Garde and Muir 58, 62 for the phoenix as a sign of credal confession, orthodox resurrection theology, and the individual soul's relationship to God.
He further argues that many people saw the passing of the platform as setting a standard for the movement because they viewed it as "a credal affirmation, as an oath of allegiance, as a litmus test.
As to the credal doctrines of pathogenesis and the bodily resurrection of Christ they can still be defended as what they are - articles of faith based on the contents of Holy Scripture.
credal statements serve as the 'bedrock' on which all of our concepts and arguments ultimately turn" (56), he makes a claim with which some Wittgensteinians, especially those instructed by Cavell's writings, will want to disagree.
Bruce Lawrence (7) defines fundamentalism as "the affirmation of religious authority as holistic and absolute, admitting of neither criticism nor reduction; it is expressed through the collective demand that specific credal and ethical dictates derived from scripture be publicly recognised and legally enforced".
When the government of a society organized and saturated by liberal values acts dictatorially toward another liberal democracy, it conspicuously violates its own credal values in that it is denying not to some regime but to another people the right to determine its policies and to shape its fate.