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CREDITCentre for Research in Economic Development and International Trade (University of Nottingham; UK)
CREDITCentre for Research in Development, Instruction and Training
CREDITCentre for Renewable Energy at Dundalk Institute of Technology (Dundalk, Ireland; UK)
CREDITCambodia Rural Economic Development Initiatives for Transformation (est. 2000)
CREDITCourt-Referred Education, Drug Intervention and Treatment
CREDITCentre for Research and Development in Information Technology (est. 2006; Nigeria)
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side, the Treaty provides a marital estate tax credit if the decedent is a U.
Indian Employment Tax Credit: Up to $4,000 in tax credits per eligible employee, per year (IRC Sec.
First, the thieves steal enough personal information--usually just a name and Social-Security number will do--to apply for a credit card in someone else's name.
Advocates say a credit freeze would be a valuable identity theft prevention tool for consumers.
5 million first mortgage and a $400,000 line of credit for a 95-unit co-op on E.
Commingling your credit with someone who is a bad credit risk (i.
Letters of credit have a separate set of pluses and minuses.
Besides providing financial benefits, tax credit investments also can be good PR.
Thus, the new research credit provisions apply to a wide variety of businesses (e.
While cars continue to become safer, credit cards are becoming more dangerous.