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CRIMPCentre for Research on Introduced Marine Pests (Australia)
CRIMPCommunity Road Improvement and Maintenance Project
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Customers can opt to purchase one of three Drip Crimp sets -- the Dripper, the Geyser, or the Crimper Pro (each containing a hand tool and varying quantities of copper rings).
If the crimp is proper and bullets are seated to the right depth, functioning and feeding will be flawless.
In addition to the trophy, Crimp receives pounds 500.
There was another eureka moment, however, and that was 10 years ago when crimp flies were first devised by Swedish master salmon angler and fly tyer Per Stadigh.
Figure 9 shows the crimp contraction for different heat-set temperatures.
Lagerfield, Mulberry, Dior and Prada all sent girls down the runway with their own take on the modern crimp.
Get the look: Whether you crimp it all or just do it in sections, you'll need to dig out your old crimping iron.
Gas engineer Colin Alladice has created a simple copper fitting that replaces the age-old problem of regular crimp connectors on boilers and it already has patents in Britain, America and Europe.
To hold the crimp, the researchers glued the crimped tape to a flat piece of tape and then dipped the patterned tape into solder, coating the copper diamonds with this metal alloy.
Learn how to crimp strand material, work with wire, and use different jewelry-maker's tools through a step-by-step guide to all the basics.
Uncovered battery posts can put a serious crimp in your day.
1) Crimp deemed the first mode conservative, aligned as it was with traditions of "aesthetic mastery.