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CRUXCosmic Ray Upset Experiment
CRUXConstruction Resource Utilization Explorer (NASA)
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Crux Strategies said the merger offers a new brand and products that help organisations and corporations navigate and avoid crisis, influence public policy discussions and resolve disputes.
Crux Informatics Inc enables financial institutions to outsource the processing of data for business insights.
Shoes and a chalk bag for sweaty hands are minimum gear, and gyms such as Crux Rock provide those, so newcomers don't need to invest in those.
The beer is part of Crux Fermentation Project's "Banished" series, a line of beers that are hidden away in oak barrels for months.
Yet Globe editor Brian McGrory makes clear that Crux (Latin for "cross") will neither be fluff-filled, nor will it shy away from hard news and controversial topics such as gay marriage, abortion, and the involvement of women in the church.
The Crux riser is first cast with aluminum and then CNC machined into its final form.
According to Crux, the new track and road cycling helmets are a revolutionary development to helmet design and safety.
Crux Biomedical's IVCF was designed to address the limitations of currently available vena cava filters, including perforation, migration and inability to retrieve.
The integration of the CRUX generator into military vehicles will allow for more available power for mission-critical equipment such as counter-improvised explosive device-systems, communication systems and weapon systems that keep our war fighters safe," said Ron Gordon, vice president and general manager of ITT Power Solutions.
A good example would be this new Crux Loaded iPad Casing.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-October 28, 2010-Pantech Crux available from Verizon Wireless from today(C)1994-2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.