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CUDCoalition for Unity and Democracy
CUDCenter for Universal Design
CUDCall User Data (X.25)
CUDCursor Down
CUDCarnitine Uptake Defect
CUDChulalongkorn University Demonstration School
CUDCompilation Unit Data
CUDCommon User Database (DoD)
CUDCanadian University in Dubai (UAE)
CUDComplete Upper Denture
CUDCzech Union of Draughts
CUDClemson University Drumline
CUDCustom Union Decision (Turkey)
CUDCarpal-Ulnar Distance
CUDChaussée Urbaine Démontable (French: Removable Urban Roadway)
CUDCommission Universitaire pour le Développement (French: University Commission for Development; Belgium)
CUDCoefficient d'Utilisation Digestive (French: Digestibility Coefficient)
CUDCommunauté Urbaine de Dunkerque (French: Urban Community of Dunkirk; Dunkirk, France)
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The variable number of bites/swallowed cud and number of bites/minute (BITM) increased linearly (p < 0.
CUD is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and has affiliations with reputed and well-known international universities and institutions from Canada, France, Ireland and USA.
Under the agreement, CUD students may also transfer to LU for one year to earn LU's Technology Diploma after spending an initial year at CUD.
Give Wraps by Chewing the Cud, in San Francisco, are printed with soy-based ink on organic cotton.
They do so because they are tired, sick or injured - or most likely because they are chewing the cud, which is easier for them to do sat down.
This is called the cud and thorough chewing extracts all the goodness.
There's a cow who won't chew the cud And a hippo who is frightened of mud.
Patients with primary CUD [cannabis-use disorder] have become the largest group in substance-abuse centers in many European countries.
Nimmo also targeted Stella Creasy, the Labour MP for Walthamstow, with the message "The things I cud do to u (smiley face)", calling her "Dumb blond bitch.
You've Been Farmed HOARSE neighbours chewing cud, Poxy chickens looking good, Bully brats made of wood, Forlorn piglets stood and stood.
Well, while I can sympathise with the cattle having to chew the cud, the bairns do look forward to going on the rides.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Arsenal 9 Opted 10 Abode 11 Fatigue 12 Ali 13 Chainsaw 16 Champion 17 Yak 19 Shebang 21 Primp 22 Riled 23 Release DOWN: 1 Caravan 2 Astonish 3 Anne 4 Cotton on 5 Stag 6 Edged 8 Lift a finger 13 Commando 14 Atypical 15 Skipper 18 Users 20 Ella 21 Pale QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Mental block 8 Tea 9 One 11 Unsound 12 Easel 13 Nut 14 Tee 15 Antenna 17 Cud 19 Goat 21 Yo-yo 23 Used 25 Grew 27 Doc 29 Limited 31 Ace 34 Arc 36 Share 37 Decimal 38 Sir 39 Eve 40 Clothes-line DOWN: 1 Menu 2 East 3 Truancy 4 Lodger 5 Lie in 6 Cost 7 Knee 8 Tunic 10 Elect 16 Age 18 Dye 20 Odd 22 Owl 24 Stencil 25 Glass 26 Riddle 28 Cycle 30 Inept 32 Chic 33 Earl 34 Amen 35 Rave