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CUKECornell University Klezmer Ensemble (Cornell University; Ithaca, NY)
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With help from Bob the Tomato, players will discover secret doors, hidden villages and ancient ruins through 15 challenging levels to help Minnesota Cuke find the culprit.
My first batch of cukes, tomatoes, and peppers I put out with paper collars to keep off the cutworms.
Fully 3/4 of the people who ate these cukes had their crotch area hair fall out," the official (who is actually an instructor at the Canadian school, (http://ca.
If space is an issue, consider growing vertically on a trellis, fence, or other support, as it will contain the vines and keep them from sprawling throughout the garden, and with better air circulation and sunlight, they will produce more cukes.
Last year I planted tomatoes, peppers, green beans, cukes, a few eggplant, onions, radishes, beets and Swiss chard.
I had always considered cukes to be an exceedingly bland addition to the salad bowl.
We mixed all that with a little sand to make some good soil and laid out a square along the garage, which is really more of a shed, and planted a row of peas and a row of beans, a half row each of radishes and turnips, six tomato plants, a handful of cukes, a couple of hills of corn, and a squash.
Anything is possible for next year--melons, cukes, peppers, and of course tomatoes
Many cukes and melons are susceptible to several insects and fungal, bacterial, and viral diseases that reduce both yield and quality.
We two would also split a side salad before dinner, and it was quite ample, an even mix of mixed greens and iceberg along with onions, cukes, olives, a big tomato chunk and a peproncini.
I went for a Cucumber Agave Fresco highball ($10) that married tequila and its less civilized cousin, mescal, in a drink garnished with strips of agave and cukes.
We'll see a proliferation of premium diner- and deli-inspired meaty sandwiches, full-flavored soups, even pickles-from traditional dill cukes to pickled red onion.