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Custodian REIT is a UK real estate investment trust whose portfolio comprises properties predominantly let to institutional grade tenants on long leases throughout the UK and is characterised by properties with individual property values of less than GBP 10m at acquisition.
The client provides instructions to the qualified custodian in writing that includes the client's signature, the third party's name, and the third party's address or account number at a custodian to which the transfer should be directed.
Commenting on the disposal, Richard Shepherd-Cross, managing director of Custodian Capital Ltd.
A third-party custodian does NOT research or perform due diligence reviews or recommend investments to clients.
The number of fee-based financial advisor custodians will decline to 35 by 2016 as several more niche players will exit the business;
The secret to the longevity of All Custodian is simple; personal service, a commitment to excellence and the lowest prices in the industry.
Mrs Hall's husband, Colin, is the custodian at John Lennon's childhood home, Mendips.
If the enemy property was divested from the Custodian before July 2, 2010, it shall stand transferred to and vest or continue to vest in the Custodian.
The term 'custodian' also includes an "information manager"--an individual or organization that processes, stores, retrieves, archives or disposes of personal health information on behalf of a custodian, or otherwise provides information management or information technology services, and to the custodian's "agents"--an individual or organization that acts for or on behalf of the custodian in respect to personal health information for the purposes of the custodian only and not for the agent's own purpose.
For manual accounts, the appointed COMSEC custodian must have successfully completed the Standardized COMSEC Custodian Course.
An IRA LLC speaks directly to the investor's ability to control the disbursement of funds and reduce fees paid to a custodian (since he or she does not have to rely on the firm for approval or pay a fee for each check written).
LANCASTER -- A Lancaster School District custodian is being hailed as a hero after he rescued a fourth-grade boy from a dog attack on the Linda Verde School playground.