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CUTLASSCombat Uninhabited Target Locate and Strike System
CUTLASSCooperative UK Twin Located Auroral Sounding System
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He cleared the hilt of his cutlass and loosened the blade in the sheath; and all the time we were waiting there he kept swallowing as if he felt what we used to call a lump in the throat.
Muscari set the lady lightly on her feet, made her an absurdly theatrical bow, and then, drawing his cutlass, hacked hard at the taut reins of the horses, so that they scrambled to their feet and stood in the grass trembling.
And, wading in wild grass and flowers, he advanced fearlessly on the four carbines; but finding that no one followed except young Harrogate, he turned, brandishing his cutlass to wave the others on.
He was a strange figure as he stood there, for he had assumed a flapped fantastic hat and swinging baldric and cutlass in his capacity of bandit king, but the bright prosaic tweed of the courier showed through in patches all over him.
And throwing his hat over the trees, he drew his cutlass once more and began to escalade the slope up to the road.
Montano also had his cutlass unsheathed, and Muscari, without further speech, sent a slash at his head which he was compelled to catch and parry.
When Flinn, Pearl and Tom are in the middle of their school play, their old nemesis, Mr T the T-Rex, appears and kidnaps the children, forcing them to hunt for the secretive Magic Cutlass - a sword that grants the holder any wish.
Cutlass Express is one of three Africa-focused regional, "Express" series exercises sponsored by U.
The jury reports that one of the arms of the late Bendu Yah was chopped off and an inflicted wound was in her hand indicative of mark of a cutlass.
Caption: TOP: The Royal Navy's Type 23 frigate HMS Monmouth (right) and the French Navy's FREMM frigate Languedoc were docked side by side at the HMC Dockyard at CFB Halifax for their port visits prior to taking part in the Royal Canadian Navy's international Exercise CUTLASS FURY 2016.
Cutlass was designed by engineers at Northrop Grumman's Coventry facility, where it is also built.
CUTLASS was created for the Ministry of Defence and entered service with the UK's armed forces last year.