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C/OCourtesy Of
C/OCut Out
C/OCare of
C/OClass Of
C/OConsist Of
C/OCall Out
C/OCarryover (funds)
C/OComplains Of (medical)
C/OCertificate of Origin
C/OCurrent Office
C/OCurrent Offer (trading)
C/OContamination/Overpressure (NASA)
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SRCC Principal PC Jain, however, said: "100 percent cutoff is justified.
To reduce the false-positive rate closer to 10%, Asians need to have a cutoff threshold of 145 mg/dL, but then the sensitivity is only 80%.
1; in Hawaii, Maryland, Rhode Island and the District of Columbia the cutoff is Dec.
Figure 11 is a schematic of an integrated cleaning operation, a self-contained, enclosed cutoff and grinding cell centered around a floor-mounted multiaxis casting positioner.
Hot-pressed wheels are used on two types of cutoff machines.
Popular colleges such as Hansraj and IP College for Women kept the cutoff for the subject at 99.
Hindu College and Hans Raj College have both decreased the cutoff for this highly sought- after course by just 0.
ViroLogic is implementing appropriate changes in the clinical cutoff values for ddI and d4T based on the clinical study results.
Colleges say to avoid over admission in the first list since a large of students scored in the 90s, the cutoff had to be inflated.
The clinical cutoff information will be incorporated into the Company's PhenoSense HIV resistance test report.