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CXLCollagen Cross-Linking
CXLCorneal Cross-Linking (ophthalmology)
CXLCalexico International Airport (California, USA)
CXLChild Extra Large (clothing size)
CXLCancelled, Cancel
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CXL has been shown to strengthen the weak corneal structure.
Penco who was very concentrated, very technical in all this," said Oscar Sobalvarro, a party leader with CxL.
5%, 30 minutes prior to start the CXL procedure is the recommended dosage to minimize post-operative pain.
CXL, if successful, could prevent development of amblyopia, allow for better tolerance of contact lenses to allow for optimal vision during what is a crucial time to allow for effective schooling, and may push back the need for corneal surgery.
CXL does not cure keratoconus but in most cases, stops the progression of the disease to preserve the patient's sight and in many cases partially reverses the damage done to the cornea.
Examinations: All examinations were performed pre-operative and at 1 and 6 months post-operative after CXL treatment.
Conclusion: Conventional and rapid methods of CXL are comparable in terms of their effect on VA and corneal parameters.
2012) verificaram que os ERA e RQME apresentaram valores proximos a zero, considerando o modelo linear com a regressao entre o CxL pela area foliar da planta.
Axcel Sights' Achieve CXL is an all-new tournament sight designed specifically for compounds.
3] son la matriz de presencia nxc y el vector cxl de efectos aleatorios de lotes dentro de zonas y departamentos; y e es el vector de efectos residuales.
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