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CYCChild and Youth Care
CYCChicago Yacht Club
CYCCyclone (mining)
CYCCyclorama (cinematography)
CYCCorinthian Yacht Club (Seattle, WA)
CYCCalifornia Yacht Club (Marina del Rey, CA)
CYCCruising Yacht Club
CYCCoronado Yacht Club (Coronado, CA)
CYCChester Yacht Club
CYCCardiff Yacht Club (UK)
CYCClearwater Yacht Club (Florida)
CYCChristian Youth Conference (New Bedford, MA)
CYCCanandaigua Yacht Club (Canandaigua, NY)
CYCChristadelphian Youth Circle
CyCCabeza Y Cuello (Spanish: Head and Neck)
CYCChristian Youth Council
CYCCommunity Youth Centers (San Francisco, CA)
CYCCover Your Crest (fundraiser at Queen's University, Kingston, Canada)
CYCChippewa Yacht Club (various locations)
CYCCity of York Council (UK)
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The new Gettysburg Cyclorama painting experience also includes a sound and light program.
The cyclorama that Dickinson and his team created comprised 60 panels 50 ft high and 120 ft across placed at the back of the stage.
Just as the cyclorama (often cited in pre-histories of virtual reality) seems to anticipate the immersive Cave technology of today, so Daphne's reverie seems to yearn for the multiple, bifurcating narratives, the ones that keep many possibilities alive and in play, so important to Coover's corpus; those narratives which anticipated the hypertext software his own institution, Brown University, duly, if coincidentally, delivered.
the sky cyclorama that marks the edge of the television studio).
A highlight is the sound and light program that brings to life a 377-foot "painting in the round" known as the Gettysburg Cyclorama, which depicts Pickett's Charge.
create a cyclorama effect and space lends itself to gallery, says Bolla.
The DMX-controlled DE LED system, ideal for back-lighting colour-changing cyclorama and a multitude of scenery lighting applications, is designed to offer distinctive features and solutions in TV studios, theatrical stages, exhibitions and showrooms, as well as for wide-ranging architectural applications.
Atlanta celebrated the 145th anniversary of the Battle of Atlanta July 18 and 19 at the Cyclorama.
With its cyclorama of diverse, viable approaches, it essentially reaffirms what we knew already: abstract painting, like other modes, stands in many places simultaneously, and the distinction between abstract and figurative painting matters far less than it did historically.
So when you build scenery for an entertainment show you pull a black cloth, called a cyclorama, round the back of the studio, paint the floor black, and when the lights are on, all the paraphernalia of the production process is instantly hidden.
THE EUR12 million restoration of North America's largest Cyclorama will be unveiled at Gettysburg Museum and Visitors Centre on Friday.
With the aid of a cyclorama and some nifty kaleidoscopic light work by designer Nick McCord, conversations are replayed and edited to make a given character look more or less sympathetic, monstrous or deranged, depending on who's doing the telling.