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CYlLTRANCylindrical (electron) Transport (Monte Carlo code)
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The paper is spread out upon a plane surface; but the human throat is cylindrical.
The pipe running from the lower part of the balloon runs into this cylindrical receptacle through the lower plate; it penetrates the latter and then takes the form of a helicoidal or screw-shaped spiral, the rings of which, rising one over the other, occupy nearly the whole of the height of the tank.
I have, therefore, provided the lower part of the cylindrical iron box with a scape-pipe, with a valve operating by means of a pressure of two atmospheres; consequently, so soon as this amount of pressure is attained, the steam escapes of itself.
Immediately the operation of boring was commenced; and by the aid of powerful machines, a few weeks later, the inner surface of the immense tube had been rendered perfectly cylindrical, and the bore of the piece had acquired a thorough polish.
The Melipona itself is intermediate in structure between the hive and humble bee, but more nearly related to the latter: it forms a nearly regular waxen comb of cylindrical cells, in which the young are hatched, and, in addition, some large cells of wax for holding honey.
We must suppose the Melipona to make her cells truly spherical, and of equal sizes; and this would not be very surprising, seeing that she already does so to a certain extent, and seeing what perfectly cylindrical burrows in wood many insects can make, apparently by turning round on a fixed point.
These are minute cylindrical confervae, in bundles or rafts of from twenty to sixty in each.
Near Keeling Atoll, in the Indian Ocean, I observed many little masses of confervae a few inches square, consisting of long cylindrical threads of excessive thinness, so as to be barely visible to the naked eye, mingled with other rather larger bodies, finely conical at both ends.
It contained a quantity of cylindrical bits of metal, cone-shaped at one end and flat at the other, with a projecting rim.
The just-suspended speed was determined visually using a side-by-side set-up with a cylindrical tank of known conditions to compare to the square tank.
Kurimoto manipulated calculations for intensity of power imposed on the cylindrical molds by 35 percent to 80 percent of levels actually involved, they said.
The cylindrical unit blends at a rapid speed and high intensity that produces more uniform results than trough-style ribbon, paddle and plow blenders also manufactured by the company.