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Our case showed a mixed population of spindle cells (predominantly) and epithelioid/plasmacytoid cells, demonstrating nuclear pleomorphism, coarse and clumped chromatin, variable inconspicuous to multiple prominent small nucleoli, and occasionally bi-nucleated tumour giant cells/ bizarre nuclei; and lacks the main cytological features elaborated above of conventional melanoma.
The diagnosis of LCS is based on the following: malignant cytological features, such as atypia, hyperchromatic nuclei, prominent nucleoli, and frequent mitotic figures; the appearance of typical Birbeck granules; a typical immunophenotype with consistent expression of CD la and S-100 protein, and langerin.
A history of a vaginal discharge in the preceding 3 months, or symptoms of an STI, were important differences between those who did and those who did not develop cytological abnormalities.
Cytological smear examination findings of tumour supported by radioimaging can be very helpful in preoperative diagnosis of meningioma presenting at an unusual site as was in our case.
For symptomatic contact lens wearers, cytological changes were seen to occur within 3-6 months and the prevalence and severity of cytological alteration was found to be significantly greater in the symptomatic than asymptomatic contact lens wearers (6, 14).
6) The cytological diagnostic criteria and the diagnostic categories are the same as for the conventional Pap smear (Table I).
Diagnostic value of the cytological exam in canine otitis externa.
Several recent studies have demonstrated that direct visual inspection of the cervix with acetic acid (VIA) is a reasonably sensitive and a cost-effective alternative to cytological screening.
Researchers discuss such aspects as cytological tools to help the diagnosis and management, distinguishing small cell carcinoma from large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma, the impact of tumor motion in the three-dimensional radiotherapy of lung cancer, clinical presentation and diagnostic modalities, whether the curative thoracic radiotherapy is cost-effective in extensive-state small cell lung cancer, optimal treatment of small cell lung cancer, and therapeutic strategy for primary and pure neuroendocrine carcinoma of the bladder.
Should it be that this factor may be identified in the individual, then its removal may affect the cytological responses within the body of that individual.
1) Of the 1,113 healthy 15-25-year-old women who tested negative at baseline for HPV, half were randomized to receive the vaccine against HPV types 16 and 18, and half to receive a placebo; participants in both groups provided cervical and blood samples at six-month follow up visits for cytological and DNA testing.
Presently, while working out the genetics of tolerance for several heavy metals in various crops, tolerance for lead, organic mercury and selenium in safflower was quantified using seedling growth and cytological parameters.