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d4TStavudine (aka Zerit; HIV treatment drug)
d4TDidehydrodeoxythymidine (antiviral drug)
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When assessing the predominant drugs used over the duration of this study (Tables 2 and 3), it was noted that the mean number of d4T prescriptions used in first-line regimens declined significantly in all groups (p<0.
Lipoatrophy, which manifests as wasting of the buttocks, limbs and facial fat pads is caused by the NRTIs, particularly d4t, ddI and AZT.
The instrument was set at 300, 285 and 270 nm for NVP, 3TC and d4T respectively.
Two women died of PCP, and 2 of liver failure - 1 maternal death was presumed to be a result of complications from lactic acidosis following d4T toxicity.
In contrast, those who had been taking d4T showed better recovery of limb fat when they switched to TDF.
The GPO has received the first initial order for d4T worth 500,000 baht from Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF) in Thailand for 100 patients, Krisana said.
A gradual, phased approach to introducing the FDC treatment to new patients, pregnant patients and those receiving d4T should help to ensure a smooth transition.
The WHO is now recommending that national treatment programmes should phase out the use of d4T in first-line treatment owing to the high frequency of serious toxicity.
2 mg/dl); (iv) non diabetic (random blood glucose between 80-140 mg/dl); (v) undergoing treatment with generic FDC of antiretroviral drugs (NVP 200 mg /3TC 150 mg/ d4T 30/40 mg or AZT 300 mg twice daily) for a minimum period of 2 wk; (vi) not suffering from any serious opportunistic infection that could cause malabsorption of drugs; and (vii) willingness to participate in the study and provide informed written consent.
Comment on Avoiding d4T and AZT, in Case of Lipoatrophy
Murphy also is a paid consultant to the companies that market the other antiretrovirals used in the study d4T (Bristol-Myers Squibb) and 3TC (GlaxoSmithKline).
As of last week, there were 31 patients receiving anti-retroviral therapy, most on the three drug combination of 3TC, D4T and Viramune.