dBmvDecibel (referenced to millivolt)
DBMVDépartement de Biologie Moléculaire Végétale (French: Department of Plant Molecular Biology; Switzerland)
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The ACA2601 integrates a low-noise front-end amplifier, 20 dB of voltage- controlled gain adjustment, and an output amplifier delivering up to +18 dBmV per channel to provide a complete, space-saving, high-performance solution.
3 MHz; an output power level of +56 dBmV; and a low noise level of -47 dBmV at its minimum gain and symbol rate.
Its high RMS output power level of +62 dBmV compensates for typical losses from the output transformer and tuner diplexer, ensuring the +58 dBmV output power required by DOCSIS.
It also has an adjustable output level, from +25 dBmV to +45 dBmV, which can be adjusted remotely.
For FTTB applications, the Fox node delivers output levels of 50 dBmV from two ports and 36 dBmV for trunking from a third port.
24 outputs, 8 high and 16 regular encompassing from 12 to 29 dBmV.
The ARA1400 offers industry-leading maximum output noise power of -41 dBmV in a 3.
Power transmission is 4-24 dBmv for the transponder.