DPETDirection de la Prospective, des Expertises et des Technologies (French: Directorate of Forecasting, Expertise and Technology)
DPETDivision of Professional Education and Training (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)
DPETDurham Palestine Educational Trust (Durham, England, UK)
DPETDesign Project Estimation Tool (engineering)
DPETDiesel-Powered Equipment Technology (college course)
DPETDynamic Positron Emission Tomography
DPETDepartment of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (Tufts University; Medford, MA)
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The company's unique PET resin and patented DPETTM sheet have gained critical acclaim for their superior mechanical and optical properties, while delivering the lowest carbon footprint compared to other PET sheet and the polymers for which DPET substitutes.
The unprecedented environmental advantages of DPET have also encouraged local companies such as Dhofar Cattle Feed, National Mineral Water Company, Lulu Hypermarkets and Areej Vegetable Oils to use OCTAL's proprietary.
Octal states its DPET sheet is ideal for produce packaging such as fresh produce, meat, cheese and yoghurt, as it has superior optical qualities together with strength, flexibility and sustainability.
The advantage is that DPET sheet is clearer and less brittle than recycled sheet, but with the same environmental benefits;" says Knutson.
Attracting the attention of the market in particular this year are the company's recently launched, first of its kind, new process technologies for DPET pots for yogurt and dairy products and modified PET disposable cups, lids, cutlery and food service applications, which delivers performance while using lower energy.
DPET sheet As the supplier of choice for packaging material for well-known international and local brands, Octal continues to lead the market conversion from less environmentally credible packaging material to its pioneering DPET sheet.
OCTAL currently uses 67% less electricity to manufacture DPET sheet and 38% less energy for resin.
Our patented DPET technology uses a single-phase reactor to integrate PET resin and sheet manufacture," says Octal managing director Nicholas Barakat.
The patented DPET reactor-to-sheet process--skipping the drying and extrusion stages of conventional PET sheet production is said to cut energy consumption in the production of sheet by 65 per cent, and to give better optical and mechanical properties.
Address : Mdl East Yard Commercial Dpet Dockyard Mumbai 400010.
OCTAL is the world's largest producer of PET sheet and resin on a single site and the world's leading clear rigid packing material supplier, producing nearly one million metric tonnes of bottle grade PET and DPET sheet per year.
Approximately 95 per cent of the company's PET sheet sales come from its patented DPET products.