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DCRDepartment of Conservation and Recreation
DCRDigital Cable Ready (television)
DCRDebt Coverage Ratio
DCRDark Crisis (Yu-Gi-Oh! cards)
DCRDacryocystorhinostomy (medical procedure)
DCRDirector File (Macromedia Shockwave file extension)
DCRDesign Change Request
DCRDisease Control Rate
DCRDevice Control Register
DCRDirect Conversion Receiver
DCRDirect Current Resistance
DCRDocument Change Request
DCRDepartment of Corrections and Rehabilitation (California, USA)
DCRDistrict of Columbia Register (Washington, DC)
DCRDesign Certification Review
DCRDevelopment Cooperation Report
DCRDevelopment Control Regulations (India)
DCRDiscretionary Conditional Release (Criminology, UK)
DCRDegradation Category Rating (ITU-T)
DCRDOTMLPF Change Recommendation
DCRDynamically Controlled Routing (Sprint)
DCRData Connection Resource (Lotus Notes)
DCRDivisions Cuirassées (French Army WWII Armored Division)
DCRDigital Cable Radio
DCRDocument Change Record
DCRDepartment of Community Resources
DCRDivision of Campus Recreation
DCRDesign Concept Review
DCRDown Syndrome Chromosome Region
DCRDocument Control Register
DCRDrawing Change Request
DCRDrop Call Rate (cell phones)
DCRDigital Coast Roundtable
DCRDirector's Conference Room
DCRDuty Diesel Common Rail
DCRDispenser Card Reader (POS software)
DCRDisplacement Chemical Regeneration
DCRDesign Criteria Report
DCRDownconverting Receiver
DCRData Centric Flight Recorder
DCRDesign Concern Report (NASA)
DCRData Command Release/Refuse
DCRDaily Change Report
DCRData Collection Recorder
DCRData/Detector Characterization Robot
DCRDownconverter and Receiver Unit (US DoD SATCOM)
DCRDigital Direct Conversion Receiver
DCRDefueling Completion Report
DCRDirect Conversion Reactor
DCRDocument Change Review (NASA)
DCRDelay Credit
DCRDelivery Change Report
DCRDeming Chain Reaction (management)
DCRDeposit Control Record
DCRDublin Central Reservations
DCRDelivery Confirmation Required
DCRDeputy Commander for Resource Management
DCRDigital Coded Radar
DCRDisaster Control Recovery
DCRDirector Control Room
DCRDirect Conversion Record
DCRDifferentially Coherent Receiver
DCRDivision of Career Resources (US NIH)
DCRDerby City Radioactives (radio club)
DCRDeclaration Control Report (tax returns)
DCRDirector of Community Relations (various locations)
DCRData Center Relocation
DCRDivision of Clinical Research (various organizations)
DCRDauphiné Construction Rénovation (French building renovation company)
DCRDepartment of Clinical Research (various organizations)
DCRDaily Charter Rate
DCRDerby Crash Repair (UK)
DCRDivision Cuirassée de Réserve (French: Reserve Armored Division)
DCRDéclaration Commune des Revenus (French: Joint Statement of Income)
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Among his topics are the surgical field in endoscopic sinus surgery, the anatomy of the frontal recess and frontal sinus with three-dimensional reconstruction, powered endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy, and carotid artery and major vascular injury during endoscopic surgery.
The surgical procedure for the above conditions are dacryocystectomy (Surgical removal of entire lacrimal sac), and dacryocystorhinostomy.
Endoscopy-guided transcaruncular Medpor coated tubes intubation without dacryocystorhinostomy.
02% Mitomycin-C in topical eye solutions has been widely used in eye surgery for strabismus to reduce postoperative adhesions and in dacryocystorhinostomy to prevent obstruction of the common lacrimal canaliculus (19,20).
In the third year, another two additions were made, and these were related to dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) and nasal surgery procedures.
Tenders are invited for Laser Transcanalicular Dacryocystorhinostomy Set
Otherwise, the diagnosis may be delayed considerably, leading to incorrect treatments and even unnecessary surgical procedures such as dacryocystorhinostomy.
In addition, a rare case of a rhinolith developed secondary to polyethylene stenting used in a dacryocystorhinostomy has been described (10).
Outpatient external dacryocystorhinostomy under regional anesthesia and sedation].
Acute angle closure glaucoma following the use of intranasal cocaine during dacryocystorhinostomy.
In a document seen about Fereydoon Azamoor, it is stated that: "Fereydoon Azarnoor in 1945 during 27 blockage in Maragheh by democrats was suffered from Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR), tonsils, missed his teeth, and all his cloths and belongings were destroyed.
In obstructive cases, dacryocystorhinostomy (endonasal or external) and Lester Jones tubes are the surgical options for nasolacrimal duct and canalicular obstruction, respectively.