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DAGODepartment of the Army General Orders
DAGODistrict Aviation Gas Office
DAGOD-Ala2-Gly-Ol5 (pharmacology)
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Anderson knows exactly how many pitches have steamed by his earlobes, knows how the Dago stands there and takes it and never flinches, but still he wants to get it in high and tight enough to leave a burn mark.
And mum-of-two Rachel Dago only discovered two cancerous tumours after shedding four stone in 100 days.
One of the past presidents of the Dago chapter was a fellow named Doug, someone well known to local law enforcement.
Many of the 24,000 frames of special effects used in the movie, produced by Anatoly Maksimovo head of production shingle Direktsiya Kino, were created by Dago, one of Russia's leading private studios that also has a top visual effects department.
For example, Truman's simplistic repudiation of the "Totalitarian State be it Russian, German, Spanish, Argentinian, Dago, or Japanese" (p.
Hapoel Tel-Aviv: Elimelech, Bondar, Doani, Antebi, Badir, Dago (De Bruno 46), Abuksis (Vermot 65), Wellington (Jolic 80), Toama, Ogbona, Barda.
So the culture of the day (in its broader sense) was captured in their work, with cartographers dutifully transcribing names such as Nigger Pond and Dago Gulch; names that late-20th century society demanded be altered, having by and large developed an increased sensitivity to the feelings of minorities due to that combination of decency and common courtesy that is sometimes pilloried as political correctness.
A estas alturas Chelita y Dago, su esposo, no podian estar mas contentos, asi que no se dieron ni cuenta del cheque que escribieron.
Lane noted that "opposing catchers and coaches try to get Lazzeri's goat by calling him Dago and Wop" (p.