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DAISDistributed Applications and Interoperable Systems
DAISDisability Access Information and Support
DAISDomestic Abuse Intervention Services
DAISDiabetes Atherosclerosis Intervention Study
DAISDispositif d'Accompagnement et d'Intervention Sociale (French: Device Support and Social Intervention)
DAISDepartment for Administrative and Information Services (Australia)
DAISDiversity Awareness Initiative for Students (New York)
DAISData Access and Integration Services
DAISDatabase and Information Systems (Urbana, Illinois)
DAISDigital Airborne Imaging Spectrometer
DAISDanish Artificial Intelligence Society
DAISDirección de Aplicación de Imágenes Satelitarias (Spanish)
DAISDistributed Application Integration System
DAISDistributed Automatic Intercept System
DAISData Acquisition for Industrial Systems (energy industry standard supported by ABB, Alstom, and IBM)
DAISDigital Avionics Information System
DAISDhirubhai Ambani International School (Mumbai)
DAISData Avionics Information System (NASA)
DAISDigital Avionics Instruction Set
DAISDesign and Analysis of Information Systems
DAISDepartment of Administration and Interdisciplinary Studies
DAISDental Alternatives Insurance Services, Inc
DAISDatabase Access Integration Services
DAISDefense Automatic Integrated Switching
DAISDECCO Accounting Information System
DAISDeloitte Australia Intranet Site
DAISDesign and Internet Strategies (Queensland, Australia)
DAISDealer and Agency Interface System (Australia)
DAISData Archive and Interchange Standards
DAISDark Age Infantry Slog (gaming)
DAISDavison Automatic Injection System
DAISData Adapter Interface Software
DAISDiagenics Allergy Information Services, Ltd (UK)
DAISData Administration and Integration Solutions
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Say to them, Hundebert, that Cedric would himself bid them welcome, but he is under a vow never to step more than three steps from the dais of his own hall to meet any who shares not the blood of Saxon royalty.
They did not know that this awful chamber lay just before them, or it were doubtful that they would have proceeded farther; but they saw that those they sought had come this way and so they followed, but within the gloomy interior of the chamber they halted, the three chiefs urging their followers, in low whispers, to close in behind them, and there just within the entrance they stood until, their eyes becoming accustomed to the dim light, one of them pointed suddenly to the thing lying upon the floor with one foot tangled in the coverings of the dais.
With stately steps and many profound bows, he advanced to the foot of the dais before replying to the prince's question.
The man upon the dais was eyeing him intently, and Carthoris of Helium was looking straight in the other's face.
At the same instant Bradley saw two hides upon the wall directly back of the dais separate and a face appear in the opening.
As I entered the royal presence the jeddak rose, and stepping from the dais which supported his magnificent throne, came forward to meet me--a mark of distinction that is seldom accorded to other than a visiting ruler.
The remarks of Zar Gul provoked the joint opposition who chanted slogans 'shame, shame' against Zar Gul and gather in front of Speaker dais and staged protest seeking apology by Zar Gul.
Subsequently, Yadav addressed the crowd from a temporary dais, reports said.
Reportedly, Sreedharan's name does not feature in the list of dignitaries who will be on the dais when Prime Minister Modi inaugurates the Kochi Metro on Saturday.
A papal bodyguard smoking in the toilet was responsible for setting off a fire alarm under the dais during the Pope's homily.
The CEO of Dais Tim Tangredi stated, "The water resources of China are affected by water shortages and water pollution.
No private degree awarding institution will be allowed to offer its franchise, affiliation or study centre while DAIs be directed to annul all such affiliations and franchises, and stop current admissions immediately.