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DAISDistributed Applications and Interoperable Systems
DAISDisability Access Information and Support
DAISDomestic Abuse Intervention Services
DAISDiabetes Atherosclerosis Intervention Study
DAISDepartment for Administrative and Information Services (Australia)
DAISData Access and Integration Services
DAISDatabase and Information Systems (Urbana, Illinois)
DAISDigital Airborne Imaging Spectrometer
DAISDanish Artificial Intelligence Society
DAISDirección de Aplicación de Imágenes Satelitarias (Spanish)
DAISDistributed Application Integration System
DAISDistributed Automatic Intercept System
DAISData Acquisition for Industrial Systems (energy industry standard supported by ABB, Alstom, and IBM)
DAISDigital Avionics Information System
DAISDhirubhai Ambani International School (Mumbai)
DAISData Avionics Information System (NASA)
DAISDigital Avionics Instruction Set
DAISDepartment of Administration and Interdisciplinary Studies
DAISDesign and Analysis of Information Systems
DAISDatabase Access Integration Services
DAISDental Alternatives Insurance Services, Inc
DAISDefense Automatic Integrated Switching
DAISDECCO Accounting Information System
DAISDesign and Internet Strategies (Queensland, Australia)
DAISDealer and Agency Interface System (Australia)
DAISDeloitte Australia Intranet Site
DAISDark Age Infantry Slog (gaming)
DAISData Archive and Interchange Standards
DAISData Adapter Interface Software
DAISDavison Automatic Injection System
DAISDiagenics Allergy Information Services, Ltd (UK)
DAISData Administration and Integration Solutions
DAISDiversity Awareness Initiative for Students (New York)
DAISDispositif d'Accompagnement et d'Intervention Sociale (French: Device Support and Social Intervention)
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The walls of this upper end of the hall, as far as the dais extended, were covered with hangings or curtains, and upon the floor there was a carpet, both of which were adorned with some attempts at tapestry, or embroidery, executed with brilliant or rather gaudy colouring.
When the little party came before the dais on which the King and Queen sat, the yeomen doffed their caps humbly, while Maid Marian was assisted to dismount.
It had fallen on the raised wooden dais where the band sat, not on the stone floor; and as Adam picked it up, he saw the glass with the dark and light locks of hair under it.
As I entered the royal presence the jeddak rose, and stepping from the dais which supported his magnificent throne, came forward to meet me--a mark of distinction that is seldom accorded to other than a visiting ruler.
Then the Sheriff came down from his dais and drew near, in all his silks and velvets, to where the tattered stranger stood leaning upon his stout bow, while the good folk crowded around to see the man who shot so wondrously well.
Nor was it long before they entered a lofty chamber at one end of which a man reclined upon a rich couch that stood upon a high dais.
There was a throne in this room, set on a dais and having a big, cushioned seat, and on this seat reclined the Rabbit King.
A central aisle led from the doorway the full length of the great hall, terminating at the steps of a marble dais upon which a man sat in a great throne-chair.
At the edge of the raised dais he halted, rattling his sword to attract her attention.
At the further end of the room, on a slightly raised dais, still receiving her guests, stood the Duchess of Devenham.
The door was swung open, and the party, now reduced to Bradley and five Wieroos, was ushered across the threshold into a large, irregularly shaped room in which a single, giant Wieroo whose robe was solid blue sat upon a raised dais.
Monsieur Baudoyer hopes to complete the gift by sending you a dais for the coming Fete-Dieu.