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DALODroit au Logement Opposable (French: Enforceable Right to Housing)
DALODomestic Abuse Liaison Officer (UK)
DALODisaster Area Liaison Officer
DALODeck Aft Low
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This zone was suited to a mixture of wetland and dryland cultivation, and would have been moderately predictable in terms of seasonal yields and year-round cultivation of dalo.
Saab's standpoint has always been that the termination was incorrect since the development stage of DACCIS obligated DALO to continue the project.
Dalo even said a couple of years ago that if there was no collective training and he let us back to the clubs that the standard would have dropped when lads came back.
By their announcement, they have another purpose, said Dalo.
This is the only place we can go to have fun and forget our tragedies," said Maher Abu Dalo, a Palestinian worker who was with his family.
DALO wishes to acquire a Tempest test receiver and provision of service and spare parts for a period of 7 years.
Northrop Grumman established a very successful teaming relationship with DALO and the RDAF to deliver the exact combination of performance and pilot interface that the RDAF needed to meet its operational requirements.
You'd meet him and he'd be so enthusiastic, 'Well Dalo how's this fella going?
Queries regarding the Show should be directed to Dalo Sran.
A spokesperson from DALO, added: "We were impressed by the manner in which FAUN Trackway approached our initial brief, and the ease and speed in which the team went from concept to design to fully-functioning prototype.