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DALODroit au Logement Opposable (French: Enforceable Right to Housing)
DALODomestic Abuse Liaison Officer (UK)
DALODisaster Area Liaison Officer
DALODeck Aft Low
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Saab's standpoint has always been that the termination was incorrect since the development stage of DACCIS obligated DALO to continue the project.
But I think from talking to the lads and to Dalo himself - I met him - it came to a natural end.
Now there's momentum building after that loss for Dalo to go if things go wrong again against Clare.
DALO is expected to announce its final selection in 2012.
You'd meet him and he'd be so enthusiastic, 'Well Dalo how's this fella going?
It is of paramount importance that dalo will be able to purchase relevant spare parts and accessories to the handheld binoculars and laser range finders as well as have the possibility to receive repair assistance and necessary training for user instructors and technical staff.
By an inu, Dalo understands a system which is mounted on a vehicle or in a ship and will be able to give position, Navigation and timing information (pnt) in close connection with a military gps (mil gps).
DALO has on the basis of the tender procedure awarded 1) a framework agreement concerning the acquisition of the APVs, initial spare parts and documentation (the Acquisition Contract) and 2) a framework agreement concerning certain services and additional spare parts related to the APVs (the Sustainment Contract).
DALO wishes to include two options of each 150 pcs.