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DAPSDynamic Application Proxy Server
DAPSData Access Proxies Stubs
DAPSDigital Asset Protection Solution
DAPSDirection des Assurances et de la Prévoyance Sociale (French: Department of Insurance and Social Welfare; Morocco)
DAPSDépartement des Activités Physiques et Sportives (French: Department of Physical and Sports Activities; various universities)
DAPSDefense Automated Printing Service
DAPSDocument Automation & Production Service
DAPSData Acquisition and Processing System
DAPSDirector of Army Postal Services (UK)
DAPSDefense Automation and Production Service
DAPSDeployable Adaptive Processing Systems
DAPSDownlink of Aircraft Parameters
DAPSDisneyland Annual Passholders (Disneyland meetup group)
DAPSDriver and Plate Search (Washington State Department of Licensing database search tool)
DAPSData Collection System Automated Processing System
DAPSDeployable Automated Planning System
DAPSDis-Appearance Potential Spectroscopy
DAPSDiazoniumphenylsulphonic Acid
DAPSDetroit Area Paranormal Society (Michigan)
DAPSDeltoid and Axillary Protector Set (US DoD)
DAPSDelhi Arya Pratinidhi Sabha
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To ensure the consolidated database will continue to be updated into the future, at each of the sites it visited, DAPS developed procedures for the local activities to upload revised data and new records into the system.
The customer account manager of the DAPS Washington, D.
The subsequent attempt is to strengthen CPF with fault tolerance capability, where the agent is able to immediately allocate new DAPS session upon detecting the failure of the present one.
As a monitor, NS guards the active DAPS from overloading and failure by ensuring that the DAPS is always on, free from excessive loads and has backup DAPS candidates.
In regard to the DAP compounds specifically, we raised this issue several years ago in our discussion of biologically based dose estimates of OP pesticide exposure (Fenske et al.
and then back up to the home page and click on the penguin to go to the download page for a free copy of the new Linux driver for PCI DAP boards.
2 -- a new Linux driver for PCI DAP boards to complement an existing Linux driver for ISA DAP boards.
DAP samples and additional information can be found at www.
DAPL generates a Windows event when the DAP requires direction from the user interface software on the PC.
The DAP 4400a/446 costs $3995, DAPL 2000 included, and is available now.
External expansion in 19" industrial racks allows a total of up to 512 analog inputs and up to 66 analog outputs connected to a single DAP 4200a.
The DAP 4200a/526 costs $4095, DAPL 2000 software and DAPlog Plus included.