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DARTDallas Area Rapid Transit
DARTDisaster Assistance Response Team
DARTDisaster Animal Response Team
DARTDublin Area Rapid Transit
DARTDublin Area Rapid Transit (train service in Dublin, Ireland)
DARTDiet and Reinfarction Trial
DARTDiabetes Australia Research Trust
DARTDes Moines Area Regional Transit Authority (Iowa)
DARTDeep-Ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunamis
DARTDevelopmental And Reproductive Toxicology (database)
DARTDigital Audio Restoration Technology
DARTDays Away, Restricted or Transferred
DARTDemonstration of Autonomous Rendezvous Technology (NASA robotic spacecraft)
DARTData Retention Tool
DARTDisaster Assistance Relief Team
DARTDynamic Advertising, Reporting, and Targeting (DoubleClick)
DARTDial A Ride Transportation (community transit)
DARTDowned Aircraft Recovery Team
DARTDirected Automated Random Testing (software testing)
DARTDigital Audio Recording Technology (US Copyright Office)
DARTDaily Average Revenue Trades
DARTDataset Acquisition, Accessibility and Annotation e-Research Technologies
DARTDrug & Alcohol Registry of Treatment
DARTData Analysis Reporting Tool (CTI)
DARTDual Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
DARTdynamic analysis and replanning tool (US DoD)
DARTDelaware Area Regional Transit
DARTDomestic Assault Response Team
DARTDriving Ability Road Test (Australia)
DARTDomestic Abuse Resistance Team
DARTDexterous Anthropomorphic Robotic Testbed (NASA robot)
DARTDistrict Assessment of Reading Team (Canada)
DArtDigital Arts and Multimedia Design
DARTDisaster Animal Relief Team
DARTDamage Assessment and Recovery Team (NASA)
DARTDirect Action Response Team
DARTData Analysis and Reduction Tool
DARTDane Alliance for Rail Transit
DARTDust Accumulation and Removal Technology (NASA Mars 2001 lander mission experiment)
DARTDirect Access Responsive Transit (Dublin, California, US)
DARTData Access Real Time
DARTDistributed Acoustic Reflection Transducer
DARTDisability Awareness Resource Team
DARTDeveloping Active Regions and Sustainable Tourism
DARTDiagnostic and Reprogramming Tool (Chrysler)
DARTDepression Awareness, Recognition and Treatment Program (National Institute of Mental Health)
DARTDanish Adult Reading Test
DARTDistributed Audio Retrieval using Triana
DARTData Access and Retrieval Tool (US Army Natick Soldier Center)
DArtDoctor of Art
DARTDirectional Automatic Realignment of Trajectory
DARTDeconstruction/Approximation/Reconstruction Technique (a method for approximating functions of two vector variables by tensor products)
DARTDepartment of Agricultural Research and Training (Namibia)
DARTDamage Assessment Reconnaissance Team (FEMA)
DARTDynamic Avionics Real - Time Scheduling
DARTDocument Archive and Retrieval Tool
DARTDowned Aircraft Rescue Transmitter
DARTDeficiency Analysis Ranking Technique
DARTDeployable Automatic Relay Terminal
DARTDetection Action & Response Technique
DARTDecomposed Ammonia Radioisotope Thruster
DARTData Analysis and Review Team
DARTDisaster Assessment & Recovery Team (FEMA)
DARTDynamically Adaptive Receiver Transmitter
DARTData Assessment Rapid Transmittal
DARTDeviation Authorization Request Tool (Cisco Systems)
DARTDual Axis Rate Transducer
DARTDemonstration of Advanced Radar Techniques
DARTDairy Accelerated Rocket Thingy (Kids Next Door show)
DARTDrug Awareness and Recovery Team
DARTDistributed Anti-Stokes Ratio Thermometry
DARTDrug Awareness and Recognition Training
DARTDamage Assessment Regulations Team
DARTDesign and Analysis for Real Time Systems
DARTDocumentation Assistance and Review Team
DARTDead Animal Response Team (Trinidad & Tobago)
DARTDirector of Army Research and Technology
DARTDirect Access Repository Toolkit
DARTDamage Assessment Response Team
DARTData Analysis Reconciliation Tool (DoD finance and accounting)
DARTDynamic Application of Rapid Transportation
DARTDaily Advisories/Risk & Threat (FEMA)
DARTDefense Annual Review Team (OSD level group reviewing NATO Annual Reports circa 1950's)
DARTDatabase Analysis Research Targeting
DARTDaily Automatic Regression Tester
DARTDirect Advisory of Recorded Transactions
DARTDistribution, Access, Routing and Trunking (Sprint)
DARTDeployment and Activation Rehearsal and Training
DARTDuplex Army Radio/Radar Targeting
DARTDry Air Rated Temperature
DARTDeloitte Accounting Research Tool (online resource)
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And while it may appear to be easy to manufacture a dart board and a set of darts, there are a lot of technical issues as far as design and development of products are concerned.
The keen darts player, who is married to the Queen's granddaughter Zara Phillips, revealed he has had plenty of practice.
Against Gaffney, Lynn took the first leg with scores of 135, 137 and an 86 checkout with a bullseye in 18 darts.
Under its terms, shareholders of Singapore-headquartered Dart were entitled to receive 0.
nfstatus=401&nftoken=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000&nfstatusdescription=ERROR%3a+No+local+token) the study published in the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics , boys have been accidentally inhaling blowgun darts they made themselves.
The JavaScript to Dart Synonym app compare common programming idioms in JavaScript and Dart, so people can can a quick reference for the best way to accomplish something in Dart if they know how to do it in JavaScript.
Dart Energy holds seven CBM licences in NSW, covering over 23,000 km2 and with an independently certified prospective gas resource of approximately 19 TCF.
These darting rules are widely known, it's the same in every joint But as you'll see without some darts there really is no point So you must go and buy some, to suit the way you throw Then once you have your perfect darts off to the club you go.
Professional Darts Corporation chief Barry Hearn, speaking ahead of today's Premier Darts League fixture in Wales, confirmed talks are under way.
Players are gearing up for the 2011 PDC Premier League Darts competition which heads back to the city next April for a fourth visit.
The actual aiming of the dart is a little bit less successful and awkward than the actual throwing but as much as the awkwardness annoyed me at first it did grow on me and didn't take away from my enjoyment.