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and the evidence stated above points to the middle of the ninth century as the probable date for the "Works and Days".
As a rule, there is not more than one short sentence for a year, sometimes not even that, but merely a date.
In all probability, the only persons in existence who knew the date were Sir Percival and the Count.
The oldest date is eighteen-seventy-five, and there is only one of that year.
The prisoner at the bar called at my shop on the date indicated on my register, some days later than the date indicated in the register of Mr.
The walls were thickly covered with pictures and portraits (in profile), some done with ink, some with soot, some with a pencil, and some with red, blue, and green chalks; and whenever an inch or two of space had remained between the pictures, the captives had written plaintive verses, or names and dates.
It is not necessary to discuss at length a minor question which has been raised by Boeckh, respecting the imaginary date at which the conversation was held (the year 411 B.
These dates were inscribed in an itinerary divided into columns, indicating the month, the day of the month, and the day for the stipulated and actual arrivals at each principal point Paris, Brindisi, Suez, Bombay, Calcutta, Singapore, Hong Kong, Yokohama, San Francisco, New York, and London--from the 2nd of October to the 21st of December; and giving a space for setting down the gain made or the loss suffered on arrival at each locality.
It impelled him to ascertain the date at which the murder had been committed, and
He had only to make the date at which the loan expired coincide with the date of his marriage, and there was his father-in-law's money at his disposal, or at his wife's disposal--which meant the same thing.
She saw the customary attestations of the two witnesses; and the date of the document, reverting to a period of more than five years since.
He sold all his flock, invested it in a cargo of dates, and set sail.