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DEBDenver (bus station; Amtrak station code; Denver, CO)
DEBDepartment of Economics and Business (various schools)
DEBDivision of Engineering and Buildings (Virginia)
DEBDrug-Eluting Balloon (cardiology)
DEBDon't Even Bother
DEBDepartment of Epidemiology and Biostatistics (various locations)
DEBDirectory Entry Block
DEBD3d Execute Buffer
DEBData Extent Block
DEBDasar Ekonomi Baru (New Economy Policy Malaysia)
DEBDéclaration d'Echange de Biens (French: Exchange of Goods Declaration)
DEBDebrecen, Hungary (Airport Code)
DEBDeutscher Eishockey Bund (German Ice Hockey Federation)
DEBDietary Electrolyte Balance (nutrition)
DEBDigital European Backbone
DEBData Extent Block (IBM mainframes)
DEBDPO (Distribution Process Owner) Executive Board (US DoD)
DEBDetector Electronics Box
DEBDiethyl Benzene
DEBData Evaluation Board
DEBDouble Ended Break
DEBDeterministic Effective Bandwidth
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98-10 involves the determination of whether the surrender of target debentures in exchange for acquiring debentures is subject to nonrecognition treatment if the acquiring and target corporations are both parties to the same reorganization under Sec.
After first concluding that Parent's basis in the debenture was equal to the value of the stock issued in the conversion, the ruling concluded that Parent would recognize "gain or loss" on a subsequent sale or exchange of the debenture.