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Benefits from social insurance are likely to decelerate.
Interest paid is likely to decelerate again; as noted earlier, refinancing of debt by State and local governments increased sharply in 1993.
As forward earnings decelerate or even decline, the valuation multiple can expand quite sharply, making the stocks less attractive if your looking at just the P/E.
a[bar] and YoY rates also decelerate in all sub-sectors.
On the one hand, inflation is set to decelerate thanks to food deflation and shrinking ruble liquidity due to CBR currency sales on the forex market.
To explain the peculiar pattern in which energy was deposited at the Tunguska site, many investigators have favored the explosion of a comet with such a low density that it would rapidly decelerate and come to a stop in the atmosphere.
This analysis of the nail color and care market finds that attention to innovation, particularly convenience and products with multiple functions, such as beauty and health, and the continued patronage of teens will help decelerate losses, and the market may turn around if retailers expand their ethnic product lines.
If growth in these countries continues to decelerate in 2H11, this will affect Russian industry primarily through a contraction in demand for commodities.