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In the long run, Pollock expects that the financial uncertainties -- not only how much it will cost to decommission a large commercial plant but also whether a utility will be able to afford those costs when a plant's retirement time arrives--will prove less important than the radwaste issue.
They (the UVF) will not consider decommissioning prior to the IRA decommissioning, and even then if there is still a threat from Republicanism, they would be unlikely to decommission," said Mr Ervine.
WORK to decommission Wales' only closed nuclear power station is behind schedule with the cost jumping 25% in just two years, a report from the National Audit Office, out this morning, says.
However, less than three weeks later, on April 30, the IRA said it had no plans to decommission.
Indeed, North America is expected to shutdown fewer nuclear reactors than other continents, with the US closing five and Canada set to decommission 17.
The aim is to decommission all existing plants up to "level 3" as soon as possible.
Under the decommissioning legislation, it is open to aparamilitary organisation to decommission with confidentiality.
The event at the Wynyard Hall Hotel on September 16 will focus on the growth of the sector, its increasing supply chain requirements and the challenges it faces to decommission hundreds of UK offshore assets in the coming years.
October 28 - David Trimble won narrow victory in ruling Ulster Unionist Council to remain in government with Sinn Fein despite failure of IRA to decommission.