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Moreover, he says, the industry's experience in repairing large plants -- like Shippingport--involves activities "that in many instances would parallel the kinds of things that one would need to do in order to decommission a large plant.
They (the UVF) will not consider decommissioning prior to the IRA decommissioning, and even then if there is still a threat from Republicanism, they would be unlikely to decommission," said Mr Ervine.
The International Atomic Energy Agency is planning to propose an international undertaking to decommission reactors at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, a challenge that will need to be tackled in full swing in the years to come.
Under the decommissioning legislation, it is open to aparamilitary organisation to decommission with confidentiality.
October 28 - David Trimble won narrow victory in ruling Ulster Unionist Council to remain in government with Sinn Fein despite failure of IRA to decommission.
However, less than three weeks later, on April 30, the IRA said it had no plans to decommission.
While there are still significant unknowns and potential issues on which Entergy VY and the State will have to work hard in the future to find common ground, I am gratified that this agreement makes clear Entergy VY's intention to decommission the plant without unnecessary delay, so we avoid 60 years of SAFESTOR, while also protecting Vermont's rights in the years ahead.
Duke Energy believes the company's existing nuclear decommissioning trust fund, plus the fund's future growth - coupled with funds from the plant's nine other owners - will be sufficient to decommission the plant.
But what the spokesman failed to mention was that it was the wish of the majority of people in Ireland that the IRA decommission its weapons.
He could suspend the new executive as a "punishment" for the IRA's failure to decommission or do nothing and leave First Minister David Trimble to face the wrath of his Ulster Unionists alone.