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By working collaboratively, Claxton and LR Senergy have provided clients with tailored, fully project managed, technically innovative solutions to decommissioning challenges, which have the potential to add significant value to clients operations.
In concert with these actions, some utility companies have started concrete preparation for their decommissioning programs.
Karen Seath, interim chief executive of industry decommissioning body Decom North Sea, told Journal Energy this increased activity will provide opportunities for the region's offshore supply chain - opportunities she discussed on a recent visit to the region.
Five Reasons why you must order and read this report today: 1) The study reveals where the greatest levels of decommissioning spending will be seen, with ten year market forecasts.
Who are the key players in the decommissioning industry?
She said the implementation of the decommissioning agreement does not necessarily hinge on the BBL.
461(h) to determine whether AmerGen had incurred noncontingent decommissioning liabilities at the time it purchased the power plants.
MEP Ingeborg GrA[currency]ssle expressed satisfaction with the visit to the Bulgarian N-plant and informed that the probe had established that decommissioning activities were actually taking place.
Under the current rule, utilities are required to build reserves for decommissioning over a period of 40 years on the assumption that nuclear plants will be used for 40 years or longer.
Anglesey council leader Bryan Owen "The group tasked with the power station''s decommissioning will debate plans for the future of the land and surrounding area.
The EU assistance for decommissioning of nuclear power plants aims at
The report considers two scenarios which account for developing offshore lift technologies and the associated variable onshore costs; the first scenario presents a 'business-as-usual' situation whereby existing heavy lift vessels are used to carry out decommissioning using an 'offshore deconstruction' process, the statement said.