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DEEDatenendeinrichtung (German: Host)
DEEDepartamento de Engenharia Elétrica (Portugese)
DEEDiplomate Environmental Engineer
DEEDexterous End Effector
DEEDisjoint Eager Execution
DEEDiplôme d'Etudes À l'Etranger (French university diploma)
DEEDivisão de Eletroquimica e Eletroanalitica (Portugese)
DEEDepartment of Elementary Education
DEEDepartment of Environmental Engineering (various locations)
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As a traditionally trained midwife, Dee felt especially motivated to support the cause of orphan care.
On Twitter they described it as: "White Dee smashing up Carnage bar crawl.
The building, which it is hoped will be converted into Flintshire's first coastal and marine heritage centre, is the venue for the breakfast launch of Big Dee Day which takes place on September 20 and 21.
Dee Dee spent six years visiting her partner as he was moved from prison to prison around the country.
Entry will cost pounds 1 with all proceeds covering the cost of a plaque for Dee at the park, with donations also being taken for the charity Carlisle House.
Jay Dee was reportedly on "trial separation with publicist Louise McCole, with whom he has two daughters.
Dee, born Cyril Nicholas Henty-Dodd, also compered Miss World and appeared on Juke Box Jury and Top Of The Pops.
Nicholas Clulee, whose own work began to question the Hermetic Dee fashioned by Yates, starts off this collection with a useful summary of this critique and with some reflections on how recent reassessments of the Scientific Revolution may alter our perspectives on Dee's career and canon.
Vinyl Highway: A Memoir is the true-life story of singer Dee Dee Phelps.
Now, Dee traipses past palms that have grown 75 feet since he planted them during his first job at the zoo in 1967.
With special editorial notes and a Foreword by Ruby Dee Atria Books, October 2006 $23.
Dee Dee Wilde, who continues to enjoy a career in entertainment through TV projects and advertising products, is among an army of around 50 regular volunteers who are the backbone of the community-owned and operated The Village Shop, which was featured in The Grocer towards the end of last year (October 15, p46).