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MEA Spokesperson Raveesh Kumar took to Twitter to inform that the ministers of two countries discussed agenda for deepening bilateral relations between India and Jordan.
Institution-building involves the reform and strengthening of political institutions such as the bureaucracy, legislature, political parties, electoral system, courts and constitutional bodies that make democratic deepening possible.
Designed for personal reflection as well as for use in small groups, Deepening Engagement envisions leadership as a "personal quest and calling" that can be a force for change.
The court's dicta caused worries that corporate directors who try unsuccessfully to resuscitate troubled corporations could face deepening insolvency claims, despite their best intentions and efforts.
9m option for the Miami Harbor Deepening Project, from the US Army Corps of Engineers of Jacksonville District, it declared on Monday.
First City Monument Bank (FCMB) has announced plans to provide value-added services while deepening its presence in the retail segment.
Army Corps of Engineers must be compelled to openly and thoroughly assess the impacts that deepening the shipping channel would have on the ecology of the river, including impacts to South Jersey's wetlands.
Thus it will be a worthwhile exercise to determine if financial deepening gives rise to inflation as claimed using Nigeria as a test case.
Phase 2 of the Inner Harbour deepening project is to remove harder limestone material from the seabed.
The author discusses the implications of adopting the deepening insolvency doctrine in Canada and concludes that the doctrine is not necessary, as Canadian business law already has several functionally equivalent or similar remedies to address the harms deepening insolvency seeks to overcome.
Taking comfort in Lula and Calderon's electoral victories glosses over the fact that neither of those two leaders won a mandate for deepening their countries' halting economic reform programs.