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DEFTDefendant (US judicial system)
DEFTDirect Epifluorescent Filter Technique (bacteria)
DEFTDéfi Fouille de Textes (French: Text Mining Challenge)
DEFTDriven Equilibrium Fourier Transform
DEFTDynamic Error/Free Transmission
DEFTDigital Electronic Film Transfer (Snell & Wilcox video conversion technology)
DEFTDefended Footprint Tool (tactical missile simulation, China Lake)
DEFTDo Every Freaking Thing (polite form)
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Serjeant Buzfuz, with a tremendous emphasis on the word 'box,' smote his table with a mighty sound, and glanced at Dodson and Fogg, who nodded admiration of the Serjeant, and indignant defiance of the defendant.
Pickwick, and talking AT him; 'and when I say systematic villainy, let me tell the defendant Pickwick, if he be in court, as I am informed he is, that it would have been more decent in him, more becoming, in better judgment, and in better taste, if he had stopped away.
Two letters have passed between these parties, letters which are admitted to be in the handwriting of the defendant, and which speak volumes, indeed.
It is a rule of law that the defendant shall be given the benefit of the doubt.
On April 16, 2010, the Appellate Court of Illinois, Second District, reversed a conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) by the Lee County Circuit Court holding that evidence was insufficient to establish that defendant had cannabis in his breath, blood or urine when he was driving.
The plaintiffs' motion for sanctions in Ruth, which was withdrawn as a condition of the settlement, accused one settling defendant of abusing the discovery process and prejudicing the plaintiff by producing thousands of documents on the eve of trial.
The reason officers with credibility problems lose their viability as witnesses is based on the constitutional principle that every criminal defendant in this country is entitled to a fair trial.
But what if a defendant could be involuntarily drugged and returned to sanity--is this even possible, let alone legal and ethical?
If suing multiple defendants, the plaintiff could choose which defendant to use in support of venue in a particular county.
A defendant moved to prohibit the use of a restraining device known as a "stun belt" during his trial.
As part of defendant's stormwater drainage system, defendant owns the pipe and the easement in which the pipe is located.