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DEFNDefenestration (Counter Strike Source clan)
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In the first chapter, Bireley sketches the external and internal controversies sparked by the Jesuit Order's engagement with politics, from the moment when its founder, Ignatius of Loyola, approved of Jesuits acting as princes' confessors, to the Defenestration of Prague.
This episode, the so-called Defenestration of Prague, signaled the beginning of the Thirty Years War, which eventually drew almost every European state into its orbit.
Others feel that the Constitution's defenestration is as close as an open window.
Worse, much of the profession has embarked on a postmodernist "futulism," a venture that is nothing less than the defenestration of the Enlightenment.
Julius by the fatal defenestration of his son from an apartment in London by the Tanzanian secret service (a death still not fully investigated by the British authorities for the sake of maintaining good diplomatic relations)--told me that he was travelling one day on the London underground when he found himself next to an African of about his own age.
These events are checkpoints in the period of the Reformation and the Counter Reformation that will be remembered as long as those surrounding the Diet of Worms and the Defenestration at Prague.
He mentions more than once his brother Klavs, whose death by defenestration stirred up much controversy between those who thought it was a suicide and those who maintained that it was an act of quasi-political assassination.
Other essays include discussions of where Columbus first landed in the new world; Darwin; giraffes' necks; prehistory cave art; the extinct and unattractive Dodo bird; the Irish elk's antlers and hump; the sloth; Martian canals; the defenestration that prompted the Thirty Years War; bacteria; and many other subjects.
The incident has gone down in history as "The Defenestration of Prague" and it touched off the Thirty Years' War.
This has left observers to speculate that both leaders agreed on Jarquin's defenestration to stop his campaign for institutional rules of governance rather than governance by extraparliamentary dealmaking.