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DEFNDefenestration (Counter Strike Source clan)
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A lack of sunspots may lead to a mini-ice age, the retreat of citrus trees and the scourge of scurvy, defenestration of Prague and the Thirty Years War (9).
Exsanguination refers to massive blood loss due to external or internal hemorrhage while defenestration means throwing a person or thing out of a window.
The experience between the defenestration of Dinesh Trivedi as railway minister and that of the protest against the price rise of diesel and the introduction of FDI in retail would have been sufficient to convince even the most optimist of people, that Mamata's exit was a matter of time.
His defenestration of the seven-year-old Bran, as he himself notes "with loathing" (GoT 71), is marked by the basest of fidelities, undertaken for love of and out of loyalty to his vile twin, Cersei; well does he agree with Catelyn Stark that his honor "as a Lannister" is shit (CoK 597), though he swears on it still.
Prague, the old Jewish quarter and cemetery and the defenestration
Parmi les methodes de suicide utilisees, la pendaison, la defenestration et l'etouffement etaient mentionnes.
Wilson points to evidence that Europeans themselves in the 17th century believed the war was religious in character, initiated with the Defenestration of Prague and ending with the Peace of Westphalia.
If all of us will be grateful to Wilson for leading us into a learned, guided tour of the arcane legal and political structures of the imperial state, or for emphasizing convincingly the importance of the Turkish War that left Habsburg financially and politically bankrupt at the eve of the Defenestration of Prague, religious historians will particularly admire chapters such as "Religion and Imperial Law" (41-48), with its subtle analysis of the conflicting interpretations of the Peace of Augsburg, "Confession and Imperial Politics to 1608" (207-24), in which he follows the vicissitudes of the ever elusive international Protestant alliance, or the rivalry between Saxony and the Palatinate, the two leading German Protestant states.
NEW Labour's Jim Murphy, who in the parliamentary football team is a right-half of Johan Cruyff class, has played a blinder during the great Fox-hunt of 2011 and scored a great goal in the war minister's defenestration.
Quale (second unit director on James Cameron's "Titanic" and "Avatar") and Heisserer (who also penned the "Nightmare on Elm Street" remake and the upcoming prequel to John Carpenter's "The Thing") stick closely to the game plan established by earlier "Final Destination" pics, methodically ratcheting up tension before each bloody quietus by slowly laying out the interlocking mishaps and happenstances that inexorably lead to decapitation, defenestration or other sorts of carnage.
His first post was at the University of Adelaide in 1935 and he had an office next to the room from which Shann died from defenestration.
We find Stephen Byers dreaming of a shoot-out in a multi-story car park, David Miliband cavorting on a dance floor, and a Brown adviser slipping out of the campaign to re-elect a Labour government to brief that the defenestration of the Prime Minister will begin immediately the votes are counted.