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DEFYDrug Education for Youth
DEFYDevelopment Education for Youth
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The technological breakthrough at the Defy Lab's core is matched by its 44mm case, crafted in Aeronith.
Conveniently located near Grand Central Terminal, Port Authority and Penn Station, as well as may high-end restaurants, retailers and hotels, we continue to attract evolving and established brands like DEFY Media looking to make a mark on Fifth Avenue," said Joseph P.
Critique: A thoughtful and thought-provoking read, "A Wise Man Taught Me How to Defy Gravity and Now I'll Teach You" is particularly commended to the attention of readers with an interest in the cosmos, or who have grown disenchanted with the world, or who are seeking to overcome an adversity, or wish to expand themselves creatively.
The DEFY program processes had been reviewed in accordance with the DON-wide SSN Reduction Program.
At such moments, Defy the Night delivers (and sometimes belabors) mature concepts about pride, achievement, and fear.
He's a brilliant jumper and got a grand lead from Defy Logic.
It is expected that the bank could defy a government rule to sell multiple insurers' products.
The Motorola DEFY XT is ideal for busy workers such as tradesmen, landscape gardeners and farmers.
7 Gingerbread-based Motoluxe is a higher-end device, similar to the first Motorola Defy.
Motorola Mobility Inc (NYSE:MMI), a provider of mobile devices and related products, announced on Friday that the new Motorola DEFY MINI XT320 smartphone is now available from Motorola Mobility China.
Arcelik will seek to use Defy as a platform to expand in South Africa, its CEO, Levent Cakiroglu, told Bloomberg in an e-mailed statement.
Defy Appliances Ltd is Southern Africa's largest manufacturer and distributor of major domestic appliances.