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DELEDiploma de Español Como Lengua Extranjera (Spanish proficiency test)
DELEDiploma De Espanol Lengua Extranjera (Spanish: Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language)
DELEDiplôme d'Espagnol Langue Étrangère (French: Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language)
DELEDelaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor (US National Park Service)
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The box delete option will provide a credit of $575 from suggested retail pricing.
We've provided 50,000 transplants to patients around the world thanks to selfless DKMS Delete Blood Cancer donors.
All of us in the Coty family have been committed to supporting Delete Blood Cancer for the last several years, and each year we deliver infinite support from Coty employees, partners and supporters.
If you don't want to delete all the records, you need to include criteria on the Criteria line to limit the records.
However, URLs to photographs may continue to exist on the Content Delivery Network (CDN) after users delete them from Facebook, until they are overwritten.
With some readily available tools and information, a somewhat savvy user can view the hard drive, delete and ferret out information you thought was gone.
A final option is to delete the source workbook or move it to a different drive or directory.
One common system administrator error is to delete a user mailbox.
Nominet currently enables registrars to delete domain names registered in error, prior to invoices being raised, which means domain names with spelling mistakes can be deleted and re-registered correctly without incurring a fee.
If it isn't checked, contact your ISP and ask them to delete the message from your mailbox, or (if you use a web-mail account) log into the account using Internet Explorer and delete the message manually.
THE decision to delete records of sex allegations against child killer Ian Huntley was ``astonishing,'' the Information Commissioner Richard Thomas has concluded.
In the process, it dramatically slowed computers and networks, causing some, such as those of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, to shut down systems to delete the worm.