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DELFDiplôme d'Études en Langue Française (French)
DELFDigital Entertainment Leadership Forum (industry conference)
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Delf as chief executive officer of Turbodyne Technologies Inc.
Delf urged anyone considering a purchase of a used MacBook laptop to first contact Eugene police with the computer's serial number, to determine if it was stolen from Howard.
Delf is also past chairman of the Washington Software Association (WSA) and current board member.
Because the server is connected to others with more sensitive information, it's also possible - though unlikely, Delf said - that perpetrators accessed addresses, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, tax identification numbers and direct-deposit bank account information for nearly 13,000 current and former staff members, as well as more limited information on nearly 13,000 individuals and companies doing business with the district.
A large number of students have been sick throughout the week, Delf said, but the number peaked Thursday.
This happened just a couple of blocks from City Hall, and there were officers in the area able to respond to the location within a minute," Delf said.
Delf said a police report did not include either combatant's name.
Delf said the crashes also affected traffic on Coburg Road, Crescent Avenue and other roads leading to Belt Line.
Delf said officers confronted the teens at the secondhand store - where they allegedly were trying to sell some of the stolen goods - and accompanied them back to their car.
The robber demanded money, but settled for a few dollars in quarters and a bottle of booze after the employee convinced his assailant that he didn't have access to anything resembling big bucks, Delf said.
The thieves probably will try to sell the laptops to second-hand shops or directly to buyers, in person or over the Internet through sites such as craigslist or eBay, Delf said.
The victim called police and gave them a good description of the two men, Delf said.