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DELDepartment for Employment and Learning (UK)
DELDelaware (old style)
DELDistance Education and Learning
DELDepartment of Educational Leadership (various schools)
DELDepartment of Early Learning (Washington)
DELJean Delatour (Tour de France cycling sponsor)
DELThe Department of Early Learning (various organizations)
DELDeutsche Eishockey Liga (German)
DELDepartmental Expenditure Limit (UK)
DELDialog Editing Library
DELDigital Element
DELDirect Exchange Line
DELDelineavit (drawn by)
DELDecode-Encode Language
DELData Element List
DELDiode Electro-Luminescente (French: Light Emitting Diode)
DELDeployable Equipment List (US DoD)
DELDigital Entertainment Lifestyle (Microsoft)
DELDistributed & Electronic Learning (UK)
DELData Extraction Language
DELDirect Electrical Link
DELDelhi, India - Delhi International Airport (Airport Code)
DELData Evaluation Laboratory
DELDeutsche Elektrolyt-Kupfer-Notierung für Leitmaterial (German)
DELDeep Cell Multilayer
DELData Enhancement Layer
DELDerogatory Ethnic Label
DELDisplaced Employee List
DELDTRA Experimentation Laboratory
References in classic literature ?
Now," said old Mombi to the Queen, "let your soldiers deliver up this girl to Glinda.
But Glinda was now really angry, and sent word to Jinjur that the fraud was discovered and she must deliver up the real Mombi or suffer terrible consequences.
While I was thus gathering strength, my thoughts ran exceedingly upon this Scripture, "I will deliver thee"; and the impossibility of my deliverance lay much upon my mind, in bar of my ever expecting it; but as I was discouraging myself with such thoughts, it occurred to my mind that I pored so much upon my deliverance from the main affliction, that I disregarded the deliverance I had received, and I was as it were made to ask myself such questions as these - viz.
Now I began to construe the words mentioned above, "Call on Me, and I will deliver thee," in a different sense from what I had ever done before; for then I had no notion of anything being called DELIVERANCE, but my being delivered from the captivity I was in; for though I was indeed at large in the place, yet the island was certainly a prison to me, and that in the worse sense in the world.
When this inventory was read over to the emperor, he directed me, although in very gentle terms, to deliver up the several particulars.
The five-minute address in Atlanta, which I came from Boston to deliver, was possibly the prime cause for an opportunity being given me to make the second address there.
After the question had been canvassed for several days, the directors voted unanimously to ask me to deliver one of the opening-day addresses, and in a few days after that I received the official invitation.
I shall deliver it,' returned his patron, putting it away after a moment's consideration, 'myself.
And then turning towards the mills he said aloud, "Friends, whoe'er ye be that are immured in that prison, forgive me that, to my misfortune and yours, I cannot deliver you from your misery; this adventure is doubtless reserved and destined for some other knight.
Why, she cried after you like a child,' 'Ay,' says I again, 'she would give a hundred pounds, I believe, to deliver me from this dreadful condition I am in.
For half the money I believe I could put you in a way how to deliver yourself.
VARs need only to install SMP on a single PC in order to manage users and gateways and deliver subscription services to customers using Safe@ "Secured by Check Point" security appliances.