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DEMODDeployment Model
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The demodulator consists of I and Q mixers, with their respective LO driven by an accurate wideband quadrature phase shifter.
For terrestrial broadcast applications, Silicon Labs holds the industry's highest DVB-T2 demodulator market share in the TV industry.
The DL6230 unit can now also be added to the controller or the DL6220 demodulator as an expansion module.
Its application- oriented digital features, controlled via the I2C interface, enable the design of high quality systems; particular attention has been paid to application issues, with the demodulator providing outputs such as RF and IF AGC and noise-free I2C bus for tuner control, to simplify the design of high-quality application boards.
Dawar was asked to design a membrane switch and user interface for the demodulator that virtually links the operator--the flight test engineer--with the machine.
Unlike most competitors' implementations, Micronas' DRX-H demodulator does not simply discard undesired echoes but combines them in a unique patented manner with the desired signal which results in superior performance under realistic field conditions.
In receiver design, the final bit error rate (BER) requirement determines the symbol carrier to interference ratio (C/I) at the demodulator output.
The combination of next-generation DVB-T2/S2 multimedia support and single-chip integration makes the Si2169 the industry's most flexible and highest-performance demodulator solution available.
2] are the conversion losses at mixers 1 and 2, respectively, The demodulator comprises two double-balanced mixers, a 3 dB power divider and a 90 [degrees] hybrid coupler.
AltoBeam's DTMB demodulators will be used by LG Innotek for its new China-bound hybrid TV tuner modules, the TDFR series.
The heart of this type of system is its RF demodulator and digital signal processor (DSP).
The ORC5300 tuner family currently includes the ORC5305, a universal hybrid tuner supporting worldwide analog and digital terrestrial and cable TV standards, and the ORC5310, a universal hybrid tuner with an integrated analog TV demodulator.