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DEMDepartment of Environmental Management
DEMDivision of Emergency Management
DEMDemonstration (File Name Extension)
DEMDiscrete Element Method (numerical simulation technique for particle dynamics problems)
DEMDepartment of Emergency Management (Texas)
DEMDeutsche Mark (former currency code; also seen as DM; replaced by EUR)
DEMDirect Email Marketing
DEMDeming (Amtrak station code; Deming, NM)
DEMDeus Ex Machina (Latin: God from the Machine)
DEMDiploma in Export Management (India)
DEMDigital Elevation Map
DEMDétresse des Enfants du Monde (French: Distress of Children of the World)
DEMDocument Exchange Model
DEMDigital Environmental Model
DEMData Emulator
DEMDigital Elevation Model
DEMDemurrage (shipping)
DEMDifferential Emission Measure
DEMDivision of Enrollment Management
DEMDemostrativo (Spanish: Demonstration)
DEMDirect-Entry Midwife
DEMDiplôme d'Etudes Musicales (French: Diploma of Musical Studies)
DEMDon't Eat Me
DEMData Entry Manager
DEMDigital Engine Management
DEMDust Extinction Moisture
DEMDose Efficace Moyenne (French: Average Effective Dose)
DEMDynamic Enterprise Modeling
DEMData Encapsulation Mechanism (cryptography; see also Key Encapsulation Mechanism)
DEMDiabetes, Endocrinology, and Metabolism
DEMData Exchange Module (software engineering)
DEMDigital Elevation Matrix
DEMDécapages Emballages Métalliques (French: Stripping Metal Packaging)
DEMDétection Électro-Magnétique (French: Electro-Magnetic Detection)
DEMDembidollo, Ethiopia - Dembidollo (Airport Code)
DEMDigital Evaluation Model (mapping)
DEMDoor Eendracht Macht (Dutch)
DEMDynamic Estuary Model
DEMDepartment of Engineering Management
DEMDefect Estimation Model
DEMDiscrete Electromagnetism
DEMData Element Tool-Based Analysis
DEMDiagnostic Event Manager
DEMDigital Event Marker
DEMDistinguishable Electron Method
DEMDeployment Extension Model
DEMData Expert Meeting
DEMDensity Evolution Model
DEMDocument Evaluation Methodology
DEMDomain Executable Model
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Huge demurrage charges have accrued while vehicles are stuck at port due to changes in clearing rules
The waiver of 100% charges on storage and demurrage on the overstayed containers comes on the heel of recent intervention by the NPA Management team that resulted to the cancellation of a planed strike action by Customs Brokers.
Consequently, the shipper shall be responsible for the payment of the demurrage to the carrier (as mentioned in the Bill of Lading) when the consignee nominated in the Shipping Order does not turn up to receive the consignment.
At issue were increased demurrage charges due to delays at the largest port on the West Coast.
But with the DOH given no prior notice about the shipment, its release from the port has been delayed, for which reason the storage, demurrage and wharfage fees thereon continues to accumulate.
On the fourth day, the Afghan trucking company charges the military demurrage, an explicit cost that compensates trucking companies for the additional time they spent waiting instead of moving other cargo.
But it has been slow to pay for fuel imports, and suppliers face consistent discharging delays, which leads to high demurrage charges.
DSS is used by refineries and terminals to schedule their docks, enabling them to save on demurrage costs that are incurred due to delays in on-loading or off-loading cargo.
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry has requested Afghan traders to boycott the port of Karachi because of the Pakistan government's decision to impose a penalty of 100 USD per day as demurrage (the penalty on the ship for staying beyond its scheduled time of departure) on the hundreds of containers that are blocking the congested port.
Exporters made their air shipments in accordance with EU notification but TDAP could not yet streamline issuance of Certificate of Origin with the result that exporters are facing huge demurrage on their products at EU ports.
This requirement has created logistical issues which, in turn, have led to escalating costs in the way of transportation and demurrage as well as additional storage resulting in tremendous inefficiencies," said Jerry McGee, president and chief executive officer of Cadre.
30 ( ANI ): In a sign that Pak-US relations are on the mend, the Pakistan government has waived half of the demurrage charges on NATO containers stranded on the country's sea ports due to blockage of the land route.