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DENDenver (ammunition cartridge headstamp)
DENDenver Nuggets (basketball team)
DENDistance Education Network
DENDepartment of Energy
DENDenier (textiles; measuring unit for yarn; 1 gram per 9000 meters)
DENDengue Fever (flavivirus)
DENDigital Education Network
DENDirectory Enabled Network
DENDomestic Events Network
DENDocument Enabled Networking
DENDigital Enhanced Network
DENData Element Number
DENDenver, CO, USA - Denver International (Airport Code)
DENDictionary Entry Name
DENDoctor's Educational Need (UK)
DENDiscovery Educator Network
DENDivision of Engineering (various organizations)
DENDigital Entertainment Network
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Continue reading "What Trump and the World's Most Infamous Holocaust Denier Have in Common: Rachel Weisz Stars in 'Denial'" at.
Irving, 77, is known as one of the world's most vocal and prominent Holocaust deniers, after he sued Penguin Books and American scholar Deborah Lipstadt for libel in 2000 over the term - bringing his revisionist views to life.
Denier is a clinical cardiologist at South Nassau Communities Hospital's Center for Cardiovascular Health.
The results indicate that the effect of Denier (D), Delivery speed (S) and air pressure (P) is significant while the effect of nylon brands (N) is non-significant.
With every colour imaginable widely available on the high street or online, medium and heavy denier add a sense of sassy chic to an outfit and are the ideal alternative to stockings.
5 denier to 6 denier for hosiery yarns, geo-textile and for filter grade fabrics, and 10 denier and above for catering to applications such as carpets, blankets, asbestos sheets and pipes, apart from other industrial applications.
They belong to eight genera of two tribes according to the classification of Selander (1991): Acrolytta Kaszab (1 sp), Epicauta Dejean (22 spp), Picnoseus Solier (2 spp), Pyrota Dejean (2 spp), Parameloe Denier (1 sp), Pseudomeloe Fairmaire & Germain (6 spp), and Wagneronota Denier (1 sp) (Cerocomini), and Tetraonyx Latreille (1 sp) (Tetraonycini).
Perhaps to give the book an aura of academic authenticity or rigour, however, he includes many footnotes, but almost all are references to papers by, or communication with, the chapter's featured denier.
Deny-deny-deny: With the success of last week's Holocaust-denier conference in Iran, next year, denier planners will be combining efforts with Global Warming deniers and husbands caught with their secretaries in motel rooms.
On the one hand, if we consider again the "man-on-the-street" definition of the Holocaust, a denier can confront such a person and respond by stating, "Six million Jews were not gassed, and no reputable historian claims that they were.
Against this mass of colour, legs should remain nude, so for the ultimate sun-kisses look, chose eight denier Ultra Sheer tights (picture 2) to give you the perfect foundation colour.
Denier is the weight in grams of a 9,000-meter length of fiber or yarn.