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DENDenver (ammunition cartridge headstamp)
DENDenver Nuggets (basketball team)
DENDistance Education Network
DENDepartment of Energy
DENDenier (textiles; measuring unit for yarn; 1 gram per 9000 meters)
DENDengue Fever (flavivirus)
DENDigital Education Network
DENDirectory Enabled Network
DENDomestic Events Network
DENDocument Enabled Networking
DENDigital Enhanced Network
DENData Element Number
DENDenver, CO, USA - Denver International (Airport Code)
DENDictionary Entry Name
DENDoctor's Educational Need (UK)
DENDiscovery Educator Network
DENDivision of Engineering (various organizations)
DENDigital Entertainment Network
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delta]](G) denote the set of vertices of G of minimum degree in G.
Proof: Let ( denote the set of all vertices in which do not commute with .
The analysis results are shown in Table 1 as well as displacement and weigh tested, where D denotes the maximum deformation, W denotes the weight of the sample and X1, X2, X3 and X4 denote the structure parameters.
GOLD STAR Denotes subsequent awards of the same Navy decoration
They are used to denote possession, for example: The dog's bone.
The "M" device is worn with the Armed Forces Reserve Medal to denote active duty status for at least one day during a contingency.
Despite the journalistic trend away from the traditional use of insure, most careful writers still prefer ensure except to denote the reduction of risk" (New York Public Library Writer's Guide to Style and and Usage).
As the book moves on and things get more complicated, I fear that the struggling student who needs a book like this may get lost in an explanation such as: "The vayyiqtol commonly functions to discourse a story's mainline, yet it may also denote something we can label SIDELINE or EXPOSITION.
My point in drawing up this list is to suggest that for the umma -- an ancient Arabic term that has come to denote the totality of Muslims in the world at any given time -- the House of Islam must surely seem a civilization under siege.
64% of teachers gave A or B to their local public schools to denote the quality of the work while 49% of the public gave a similar grade.