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DENTDemolition Events National Tour
DENTDedicated to Establishing National Teamwork (political action committee; Tampa, FL)
DENTDouble Edge Notch Tension (fracture mechanics)
DENTDedication Education Name Try (football player Richard Dent)
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TRI Dental Establishes New Entity for Business Expansion II-26
Neoss Introduces Neoss Dental Implant Technique in UK II-28
A number of models have been used to explain the origins of dental anxiety.
Technological advances promote better care in that dental procedures are now performed with greater skill and accuracy and less trauma, in a shorter span of time.
Voluntary dental products have opened the doors for additional sales, and brokers believe that once they gain an "in" with an employer or potential client through the sale of a dental program, they then can market other employee-paid products, such as life, disability, cancer and accident and dismemberment insurance.
Other low-cost supplement programs, such as life, dental, prepaid legal, cancer and accident plans, also strengthen the employer-employee relationship.
Facilitating access to dental services for the person with disability requires support at all levels, including locating appropriate care providers, assisting with transportation or arranging for mobile dental services, determining availability of financial resources, and overcoming fear and anxiety.
The majority of people with disability can be treated in the regular dental office.
Figure 50: Dental Lasers, Saudi Arabia, Company Share (%), 2010 112
Figure 51: Dental Radiology Equipment, Saudi Arabia, Company Share (%), 2010 113
D Services and its affiliated dental offices employ approximately 4,000 people nationwide.
b) ConfiDent offers valid when you join ConfiDent Dental Discount Plan or the ConfiDent/Newport 2011 Plan.