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Trapping the ball just inside the time line cuts the area that must be defended in half, with P4 being the goalie, M1 denying the vertical pass down the sideline, T3 denying the middle pass, with W2 and S5 trapping the dribbler.
Denying communion to pro-choice politicians may be only part of a more extensive approach to persuading politicians to fail in line with church teachings.
These cases make clear that when a record of proceedings before a zoning board contains "substantial" evidence in favor of granting an application or "substantial" evidence in favor of denying an application, the board's determination, whatever it may be, should not be disturbed by a reviewing court even if the court itself would have reached a contrary determination based on the evidence.
Denying certain services or benefits -- for example, withholding physical therapy or certain types of durable medical equipment from individuals who need them -- may achieve short-run savings at the expense of more costly problems in the long run.
Although denying a business deduction for interest paid on tax underpayments would exact real, permanent, and deleterious cost from taxpayers, the proposal would increase government revenues in the first fiscal year primarily by virtue of its pre-effective date, in terrorem consequences and, thus, represents little more than a "quick fix" budget gimmick.
The previous language, instituted by the Clinton administration, stated that sexual orientation "may not be used as a basis" for denying clearance.
Should the Church and bishops also consider denying Communion to Catholic politicians who contravene Church teaching if they do not strive to legally ban the sale of contraceptives or ban prostitution entirely?
Broughton also contended that the trial court abused its discretion in denying his motion for a mistrial and motion for a new trial, both based on a detective's reference to the three strikes law.
The IRS may consider the following factors in allowing or denying relief: whether (1) the taxpayer would suffer economic hardship if the request were denied, (2) the taxpayer knew or had reason to know of the item giving rise to the deficiency, (3) the deficiency is attributable to a nonrequesting spouse and (4) either spouse has a legal obligation under a divorce decree or agreement to pay the outstanding liability.
The district court denied the petition, finding that prison officials did not deny the prisoner due process by failing to compel witnesses to name a "certain offender" named in a tip regarding drug trafficking, nor by denying him permission to view security videos and other physical evidence.
These "may include housing the inmate in administrative detention" (another term for isolation) and denying that inmate "correspondence, visiting, interviews with representatives of the news media, and use of the telephone, as is reasonably necessary to prevent the disclosure of classified information.