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DEPTDistortionless Enhancement by Polarisation Transfer
DEPTDepartment of Educational Planning and Training (Myanmar)
DEPTDundee Endoscopic Psychomotor Tester (single-handed performance)
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The Departure is distinctly a ceremony of navigation.
Colia Ivolgin, for some time after the prince's departure, continued his old life.
On the 30th of November, at the hour fixed upon, from the midst of an extraordinary crowd of spectators, the departure took place, and for the first time, three human beings quitted the terrestrial globe, and launched into inter-planetary space with almost a certainty of reaching their destination.
So that when the day of departure came, between her two customs of laughing and crying, Miss Sedley was greatly puzzled how to act.
In a way, it was to him departure from his native land, this grim Arctic region which was practically the only land he had known.
The answer to the telegram sent from the railway station had not arrived, when Alban took his departure for London.
But Mercedes did not witness his departure, although she was seated at the little window of the room which had been occupied by old Dantes.
On his departure the Farmer grievously lamented the destruction of his sheep and oxen, but his wife, who had been a spectator to all that took place, said, "On my word, you are rightly served, for how could you for a moment think of shutting up a Lion along with you in your farmyard when you know that you shake in your shoes if you only hear his roar at a distance?
Things like his mother's death, his departure from Winesburg, the uncertainty of his future life in the city, the seri- ous and larger aspects of his life did not come into his mind.
and he felt too that he would have to render a strict account to heaven of that indolence and seclusion; and so one day he asked the duke and duchess to grant him permission to take his departure.
Conseil," said I again, beginning with feverish hands to make preparations for my departure.
He mechanically set about making the preparations for departure.