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DTTDithiothreitol (cytology reagent)
DTTDigital Terrestrial Television
DTTDeloitte Touche Tohmatsu (Deloitte & Touch Global Operations)
DTTDiscrete Trial Training (Applied Behavior Analysis)
DTTDigital Terrestrial Transmission
DTTDesktop Theater (Cambridge Soundworks speakers)
DTTDirect Transfer Trip (relaying system)
DTTDirect Tension Tester
DTTDirect Trunked Transport
DTTDistance to Target
DTTD-Link Technology Trend
DTTDiesel Transmission Technology
DTTDistributive Training Technology
DTTDesk Top Trainer
DTTDifference Threshold Test
DTTDesign Thermal Transient
DTTDiffusion Transfer Technology
DTTData Transfer Type
DTTDynamic Test Target
DTTDatum Temporal Token
DTTDefense Technology Towers (Singapore)
DTTDistribution, Transformation and Trading (Arcelor Corporation)
DTTDevelopmental Technician Team
DTTDoctrine & Tactics Training
DTTDoctrine Training Team
DTTDorsal Trigeminothalamic Tract (brain)
DTTDouble Taxation Treaty
DTTDomestic Technology Transfer
DTTDry Type Transformer
DTTDynamic Terabit Testing (Agilent)
DTTDevelopment and Transfer of Technologies (climate change; UN)
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The lock pin rides in a channel and when the blade is fully employed, slips into a detent in the tang, locking the blade against a rigid stop pin on the back.
Among the methods of development of the force and detent of runners, the following are the ones used most often:
The HJS8's additional options include friction hold, center detent, gates and different spring pressure per direction.
The Torque Tender can be reset manually, returning the pawl back into its detent and re-engaging the driveshaft.
Designed to protect rotating machine components and machines from damage or destruction resulting from jam or overload conditions, the type BD ball detent torque limiters easily adjust for these conditions, quickly disengaging mechanically at a preset value and tripping a signaling device, such as a limit switch.
Mechanical performance is closely related to the detent levels provided for a mated pair (see Figures 1, 2, 3 and 4).
Low detent torque suits it for microstep operation.
The motor itself has a skewed rotor like those found in inkjet printers which eliminates the detent torque that would coarsen the feel.
This second of three VLP[R] related patents specifically relates to the Company's detent mechanism which allows the unique, very-low-profile design of the VLP[R] family of products.
This gun often has missing parts, most commonly the mainspring, mainspring guide rod, and the safety assembly (spring and spring detent plunger.
The cylinder is hand-rotated and employs a spring detent bolt to keep it indexed.