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DTTDithiothreitol (cytology reagent)
DTTDigital Terrestrial Television
DTTDeloitte Touche Tohmatsu (Deloitte & Touch Global Operations)
DTTDiscrete Trial Training (Applied Behavior Analysis)
DTTDigital Terrestrial Transmission
DTTDesktop Theater (Cambridge Soundworks speakers)
DTTDirect Transfer Trip (relaying system)
DTTDirect Tension Tester
DTTDirect Trunked Transport
DTTDistance to Target
DTTD-Link Technology Trend
DTTDiesel Transmission Technology
DTTDistributive Training Technology
DTTDesk Top Trainer
DTTDifference Threshold Test
DTTDesign Thermal Transient
DTTDiffusion Transfer Technology
DTTData Transfer Type
DTTDynamic Test Target
DTTDatum Temporal Token
DTTDefense Technology Towers (Singapore)
DTTDistribution, Transformation and Trading (Arcelor Corporation)
DTTDevelopmental Technician Team
DTTDoctrine & Tactics Training
DTTDoctrine Training Team
DTTDorsal Trigeminothalamic Tract (brain)
DTTDouble Taxation Treaty
DTTDomestic Technology Transfer
DTTDry Type Transformer
DTTDynamic Terabit Testing (Agilent)
DTTDevelopment and Transfer of Technologies (climate change; UN)
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As the hatch is raised to each position, the spring-loaded pin on the detent assembly engages the teeth on the interlock plate to keep it in place.
Open the access door to the fourth detent on the support link.
Absolute five-bit, 32-position encoding provides a distinct electrical output at each detent position, using only six connections.
It is easy to tell the difference between a CQC holster with the Active Retention System and one with the Pressure Adjustable Detent.
Finally, if all else fails I keep a Brownells Detent Ball Kit on hand in my shop.
It wasn't until my power levers hit the max detent and the AOA gauge broke free that I understood.
There is a wide choice of over 40 attachments for use on the S330, the operation of which is enhanced by fingertip auxiliary hydraulic control, maximum/variable flow and forward/reverse detent, all of which are standard on the S330.
Simple and intuitive navigation enables users to rapidly view many of the company's 3500 plus products, which include assisted lift door stays/hinges; conventional, concealed and detent hinges; flush and conventional handles; latching systems; mechanical and magnetic catches; fasteners; casters; adjustable feet; drawer slides; locks; brackets and shelving systems.
The QF-FFS uses the standard AR front-sight post and detent and features a halo-style design.
A detent spring and ball permit easily detectable downward adjustments of the nozzle in increments of 15 to 90 degrees.