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DVIDigital Visual Interface (digital flat-panel displays)
DVIDigital Video Interface (multimedia standard for computer generated text and graphics)
DVIDevice-Independent (File Name Extension)
DVIDigital Video Input
DVIDisaster Victim Identification
DVIDigital Video Interactive
DVIDevice Independent
DVIDigital Video Interleaved
DVIDivide Integer
DVIDigital Video Interface
DVIDifference Vegetation Index
DVIDirect Voice Input
DVIDriver-Vehicle Interface
DVIDomestic Violence Institute
DVIDiététique Vitalité Innovation (French: Diet Vitality Innovation)
DVIDead Value Information
DVIDonnées Voix Images (French: Voice Data Images)
DVIDaVinci Institute (think tank; Colorado)
DVIDeep Video Imaging, Ltd (technology for 3D displays)
DVIDescriptive Video Information (accessibility TV technology for visually impaired)
DVIDigital Video Interleave
DVIDigital Valve Interface
DVIData/Voice Integration
DVIDigital Voice Interactive
DVIDentistes Volontaires pour Israël (French: Dental Volunteers for Israel)
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If it could be shown that our domestic varieties manifested a strong tendency to reversion,--that is, to lose their acquired characters, whilst kept under unchanged conditions, and whilst kept in a considerable body, so that free intercrossing might check, by blending together, any slight deviations of structure, in such case, I grant that we could deduce nothing from domestic varieties in regard to species.
Some of our highest and ablest men, men of real genius, have during their earliest days laboured under deviations as great as, or even greater than, forty-five minutes: and the loss of their precious lives would have been an irreparable injury to the State.
He will conquer who has learnt the artifice of deviation.
Variation and deviation are used in setting courses and estimating dead reckoning.
In such a case, a plain and open avowal of his difficulties would have been more to his honour I think, as well as more consistent with his general character;--but I will not raise objections against any one's conduct on so illiberal a foundation, as a difference in judgment from myself, or a deviation from what I may think right and consistent.
Some deviations, therefore, from the principle must be admitted.
In this case, a deviation of the lower end of the column from the designed position is decisive because the inclination of the column from verticality can be measured directly and with high accuracy.
The dual phase structure of brass is highly influenced by the extrusion conditions: in the case of an optimum position of the die cavity (no deviation, figure 2, a), it can be seen an homogeneous distribution of the two solid solutions; as the deviation grows, a nonuniform distribution of the two phases is observed, and even a Widmannstatten structure in some areas (figure 2, b).
Likewise this, in kidnap cases, two women accused nominated in kidnap cases and after court's trial and eight women accused were released after deviation of the witnesses while cases were registered against eighteen women accused following the court's orders.
This means that if the datapoints are all over the place or skewed to the outside, using standard deviation will be less sensitive.
2 PART 2 Resorbent haemostat - Oxidized regenerated cellulose dimension10cm x 20cm (possible deviation in the dimension +/- 10%)
Standard deviation is a useful measure of ballistic uniformity.