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DEVSDiscrete Event System
DEVSDiscrete Event System Simulation
DEVSDiscrete Event System Specification
DEVSDrivers Enhanced Vision System (aviation)
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His suit of armour was formed of steel, richly inlaid with gold, and the device on his shield was a young oak-tree pulled up by the roots, with the Spanish word Desdichado, signifying Disinherited.
His first had only borne the general device of his rider, representing two knights riding upon one horse, an emblem expressive of the original humility and poverty of the Templars, qualities which they had since exchanged for the arrogance and wealth that finally occasioned their suppression.
By this time David's power of device had begun to return, but it was a very hard task for his prudence to master his rage and hatred towards poor Jacob.
It would, perhaps, have been a longer- headed device, if he had never told any of those clever fibs about his uncles, grand and otherwise; for the Palfreys were simple people, and shared the popular prejudice against lying.
Their heads were covered with shark skins, and their barrels were elaborately carved with various quaint figures and devices.
See here," and he indicated a device at the right of the destination compass.
Should this enveloping force be interrupted in any direction a delicate instrument immediately apprehends the irregularity, at the same time imparting an impulse to a magnetic device which in turn actuates the steering mechanism, diverting the bow of the flier away from the obstacle until the craft's radio-activity sphere is no longer in contact with the obstruction, then she falls once more into her normal course.
Thuvan Dihn smiled his appreciation of the marvellous device.
Without it an enemy must half wreck the device to reach its heart, leaving his handiwork apparent to the most casual observer.
The latest device also makes use of new pixel surface smoothing technology that delivers high reflectivity to achieve the brightness demanded from devices used in consumer projection televisions.
As the SCSI world began to embrace the successful market migration to Low-Voltage Differential (LVD) SCSI signaling, SCSI expanders emerged as a new class of SCSI devices.