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DEVILDamper, Equipment, Valve, Instrument, and Load
DEVILDynamically Enhancing VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) Information from the Library (Joint Information Systems Committee; UK)
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But the little devil did not seem to fancy such dry sort of fare at all; he never moved his lips.
True, holy father,'' said the knight; ``but the devil is apt to keep an eye on such exceptions; he goes about, thou knowest, like a roaring lion.
how can they be Catholic when they are all devils that have taken fantastic shapes to come and do this, and bring me to this condition?
I never bargained to carry a mad devil and a silly Sawbones, a--"
It was usually "I'll bet you what you please," or "I'll bet you what you dare," or "I'll bet you a trifle," or else, more significantly still, "I'll bet the Devil my head.
The black had recognized Tarzan as the white devil from the descriptions given by the whites and their black servants.
Possibly in a way he looked up to womankind, if it could be said that Norman of Torn looked up to anything: God, man or devil.
Agno, chief of the devil devil doctors, had stumbled across him on the beach, and, despite the protestations of the boy who claimed him as personal trove, had ordered him to the canoe house.
Arasthus tells of a peasant who was occupied by a different devil for
You'd find something good to say of the devil himself, Jim Boyd.
he would give his soul to the devil for a shoulder of mutton,
And the lady, to give the devil his due, is a very good sort of lady, and loves the cloth, and is always desirous to do strict justice to it; for she hath begged off many a poor soldier, and, by her good-will, would never have any of them punished.