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DEVISEDefence Virtual Information Service (UK)
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The explosive devise was planted by miscreants and target is not clear yet, they continued.
me de change actuel fait que Bank Al-Maghrib satisfait l'ensemb des besoins en devises des opAaAaAeA@rateurs, sans limite et sans aucun ajusteme sur les prix.
The government has recently passed a regulation that all public transport vehicles with over six seater capacity will have fitments of location tracking devises and one or more emergency buttons.
In these cases, the diagnostic team typically waits for a few weeks before holding a second IEP to re-evaluate the child and devise a more appropriate educational plan.
In some cases, however, there is no choice but intestacy because of lack of capacity or restriction on the right to devise specific property.
The goal: Identify vulnerabilities and devise ways to nullify them.
Gilmore wants to devise systems of education where there is no failure unless the person agrees that it is failure because they feel that they have not achieved what they decided to achieve.
Une des questions concerne l'avenir du dollar canadien au sein d'un eventuel accord de libre-echange couvrant les trois Ameriques et, par consequent, la pertinence d'en faire la devise d'un Quebec souverain.
While a joint tenancy may be severed by mutual agreement or by a conveyance by one of the joint tenants, a decedent cannot devise property held by the decedent and another in joint tenancy.
Read your "on-screen" feedback and adjust the controls to devise a better system.
It employs people who do nothing but dream up potential malfunctions and combinations of malfunctions, and others who devise ways to ensure they will never happen.